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Make Your Newsworthy Event Media-worthy - Yapsody
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There might be many things about your event that call for media attention like VIP attendees or popular keynote speakers. But, if you don’t prep your event for this media coverage, you might have to carry a luggage of an infamous event with you as a presenter. So, if you think your event is newsworthy, you might as well work to make it media-worthy.

Firstly, grab the media’s attention by inviting them or sending out a press release. This offers two-way benefits because it also gives you an upper hand. Since you’ve initiated the whole coverage, you will get to decide what goes up and what doesn’t. At the same time, you can be prepared about the questions that may get asked of you and the information that has to go out to the public.

Oh, and for the record, this “media” also includes bloggers and influential online personalities (YouTubers, Tweeters, Instagrammers, most followed users on Quora, those with a popular Facebook page, etc.) and it’s easy to invite them to give your event an online coverage.

Now that you’ve involved the media, list out the shots that the camera crew should capture. Since it’s your event and nobody knows is better than you do, you can easily jot down the attractive factors and wow moments of the event that will define it. And since you know that there will be cameras, don’t be fussy and get some professionals to do the hair and makeup for all your team members who are going to be on the roll, including yourself.

If you’re planning to have interviews, or are expecting they might be taken, prep your participants, speakers, team members for these pop interviews so that they don’t panic or get cold feet when they’re on camera.

With the media, predicting what may or may not work is very difficult, but a little preparation can give you some assurance of the whole thing happening smoothly, and give you additional control over things that otherwise have a tendency of going really awry.

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