5 Tricks To Promote A Fundraising Event On Social Media

Yapsody Event Ticketing - Tricks to promote fundraising event- Social media
Yapsody Event Ticketing - Tricks to promote fundraising event- Social media

Charity Promotions? Think social media – one of the best and cheapest modes to promote your event. It is an impactful tool where you can connect with your audience in real time, and see how responsive they are to your charity event.

It is quite transparent on social sites; you can get immediate results of your audiences’ likes and dislikes. Based on their feedback, you can plan smart strategies to make your event promotion work on these platforms.

1. Making use of Images and Videos

Pictures and videos can always leave a deep impression. Take pictures or make videos to tell your story, to show what and how you are doing to help people. Your hard work and effort put in to help someone can touch their heart, and you never know, they may come forward to make donations and promote your event to raise funds.

2. Photo Tagging

Whenever you upload a photo about your event on Facebook, don’t forget to TAG. Recognise your event attendees, volunteers, sponsors, donors and everyone who are part of your event, tag them in the photos. They will feel really nice about it. It will be even great if you can add a line thanking them for their contributions.

3. Involve your Sponsors and Team

The more your posts and tweets get shared, it’s better for your fundraising event to get noticed. Apart from you doing your promotional activity, bring in your sponsors and the team involved with the event to help your posts reach far and wide. Prepare attractive videos, images, GIFs, or blogs so that they can readily send it across to their friends and followers. They will be able to show how actively they are involved and it may, in turn, earn them more followers.

4. It’s Trending

Almost everywhere on the internet, you can see ‘what’s trending’. So, why not make one of your ideas clicked and get it spread like wildfire. All you have to do is widen your scope of imagination and come up with something creative and unique to set a trend. Whatever idea you think of, it should be easy. People should be able to perform it without any hassle. Create a clear and distinctive hashtag of your challenge and attach it to every posts and tweets. If the challenge is engaging enough, it could encourage people to participate, and will definitely be trending.

5. Thanking your Donor

Let your donors know how much you are grateful to them for their contributions. You can do this by mentioning them in a special thanksgiving post or tweet highlighting their active involvement and generosity. You can select a nominee every week and appreciate them for always standing up for a good cause. The idea is not to lose such loyal frequent donors; but yes, before doing so, take their permission.

So, make your charity event a successful one using these simple tips.

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