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General Admission

$0.59 + 1.75%
Per Ticket Sold

Reserved Seating

$0.98 + 2.49%
Per Ticket Sold

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Yapsody Loyalty Program

Gold Tier

Yapsody - Gold Membership

Sell 1000 paid tickets by end of 2019 and get GOLD TIER pricing through end of 2020.

General Admission

$0.47 + 1.40%
Per Ticket Sold
20% off regular fees

Reserved Seating

$0.88 + 2.24%
Per Ticket Sold
10% off regular fees

Platinum Tier

Yapsody Platinum Membership

Sell 5000 paid tickets by end of 2019 and get PLATINUM TIER pricing through end of 2020.

General Admission

$0.35 + 1.05%
Per Ticket Sold
40% off regular fees

Reserved Seating

$0.78 + 1.99%
Per Ticket Sold
20% off regular fees

Elite Tier

Yapsody Elite Membership

By Invitation Only

General Admission

$0.24 + 0.70%
Per Ticket Sold
60% off regular fees

Reserved Seating

$0.39 + 1.00%
Per Ticket Sold
60% off regular fees

Frequently Asked Questions

General Admission & Reserved Seating each have 2 fee components:  

  1. A flat per-ticket fee (A few countries do not have the flat fee component)
  2. A percentage of the net ticket price after discounts

We also offer 3 discounted pricing tiers as part of our Loyalty Program:

  1. Gold Tier Presenters receive up to 20% off our regular pricing
  2. Platinum Tier Presenters receive up to 40% off our regular pricing
  3. Elite Tier Presenters receive up to 60% off our regular pricing

To learn more about our regular pricing and pricing tiers, go to Click Here

  1. Free events are free on Yapsody. 
  2. So, if you’re throwing a “Free Entry” party there are zero fees for using our event ticketing platform.

Learn more about selling your event tickets for free here

  • Any legitimate non-profit entity is eligible to receive the flat 50% rebate off on their monthly invoice. It is applicable for event presenters on every Yapsody pricing tier – Gold, Platinum, and Elite.
  • To apply for this Non-Profit offer, email us your request and attach official government documentation of your Non-profit organization’s status to support@yapsody.com and it will be enabled on your dashboard.


  • Yes, you will still receive an Invoice even if you pass on the fees to your ticket buyers. 
  • We allow presenters to collect the Yapsody fee from the customer. If you happen to pass on the fees to your ticket buyer, they will pay the Yapsody fee along with the Ticket price.
  • We do not hold funds, so the ticket amount along with the Yapsody Fees will be deposited to your payment gateway account which is linked to your Yapsody account.
  • Learn more about Yapsody Fee Invoices.

  • Scenarios where Yapsody Fees are not applicable:
    1. On the first 50 paid tickets of any new account
    2. Any event for which you select “Test Event” as the event category type
    3. Tickets issued using the “Complimentary” (“comp”) payment method (free ticket)
    4. Tickets with a price of zero (free ticket)
    5. Tickets with a 100% discount applied (free ticket)
    6. Refunded tickets (If you refund a ticket, the fee for the original sale is waived)Read More

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