Lowest Ticketing Fees and Pricing

Premium ticketing with No setup costs and No monthly subscription. Elevate your ticketing experience and revenue effortlessly.

Free Events? It’s on us!

There’s no cost at all for organizing free events with Yapsody. Enjoy our rich set of features and services absolutely free for all your free events.

Non-profit Events

We extend our full support to non-profit organizations with special pricing. Avail flat 50% discount for your Non-profit events.

Yapsody Pricing Plan

General Seating

59¢ + 1.75%

per ticket sold

Avail customisable Reserved Seating for only 98¢+2.49% per ticket sold.

Pass on Fees, Pay Nothing for Paid Events

You can choose to pass on the ticketing fees to your attendees and put those savings back into your event.

Your attendees will pay


You will receive


yapsody Fees inccured will be


Sell More, Pay Less

Enjoy increasing discounts and boost your sales with Yapsody Loyalty Tier pricing.


20% Off

(On ticketing fees)



40% Off

(On ticketing fees)


Not there yet? Still want the benefits?


60% Off

(On ticketing fees)


Not there yet? Still want the benefits?

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