Secure Electronic Payments

Yapsody is 100% committed to exceeding the credit card industry’s stringent standards for protecting credit card and other similar data used for making payments over the Internet; after all, it’s not just Yapsody’s business and reputation that relies on it but also that of its thousands of presenters worldwide and their customers.  And as part of that commitment, the numerous measures we take include the following:

  • Yapsody passes quarterly vulnerability scans and penetration tests, which is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  (view certificate)
  • Yapsody does not store any sensitive credit card or other electronic payment data.
  • Yapsody employs a cross-functional team responsible for oversight of PCI Compliance and ensuring that our PCI attestations are accurate and valid.
  • Yapsody processes all electronic payment transactions through YapSecure — a tightly-secured proprietary payment management system which itself does not store any sensitive credit card or other electronic payment data and prohibits such data from ever passing through or touching the Yapsody ticketing application.

24  x  7  x  365  Live Support

Event ticketing software is a mission critical application.  We realize that thousands of Yapsody presenters rely on Yapsody ticketing everyday as their primary point of sale and E-commerce systems for collecting the revenue that makes their businesses continue to run and thrive.  As a result, we have great respect for the responsibility we hold for ensuring that our presenters and their customers are well taken care of.  And it is for this reason that Yapsody has always, since its inception, provided live chat support and quick-response email support (as well as phone call-back support when required).

And to ensure that all Yapsody presenters and customers get the quality assistance they need, Yapsody does not EVER contract out support to third-parties.  Our support team consists of full-time Yapsody employees who have been with us and trained with us for years.  They are connected to the product in every way, and as a result are able to connect to our presenters and their customers as partners.  They are not simply order-takers; rather, they are dedicated to actively pushing for quick resolution on every and any issue that arises.  And despite Yapsody’s unprecedentedly low fees, our commitment to quality control and quality customer support is unwavering.

99.99% Uptime

Over the past 12 months, our uptime has exceeded 99.99%.  This certainly did not happen by accident.  The service that Yapsody provides for the low fees that we charge has led to unprecedented growth over the years, which we have not taken for granted.  To achieve healthy growth, we have had to position ourselves for it.  That has lead to many changes to our server infrastructure in our constant resolve to keep up with industry trends and growing demand for our product.  At Yapsody, we firmly believe without question that what is in the best interests of our presenters is in the best long-term interests of Yapsody.  And for that reason, our presenters can always expect reliable uptime.


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