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How to Sell Event Tickets Online with Yapsody?

Yapsody’s feature-rich ticketing platform provides you with everything you need to sell tickets online seamlessly! Create the ultimate ticketing experience and sell out faster in four easy steps.

1. Create Your Event

Build a captivating ready-to-share event page in less than 5 minutes.

2. Promote & Sell Out

Leverage Yapsody’s tools to promote and sell event tickets in no time.

3. Event Day

Yapsody’s ticket scanner apps, Yapticket and YapScan, make lines shorter and check-in a breeze.

4. Upscale

Analyze revenue reports and reconcile ticket sales to make the next event better!

1. Create Your Event

Build a captivating ready-to-share event page in less than 5 minutes.

2. Promote & Sell Out

Leverage Yapsody’s tools to promote and sell event tickets in no time.

3. Event Day

Yapsody’s ticket scanner apps, Yapticket and YapScan, make lines shorter and check-in a breeze.

4. Upscale

Analyze revenue reports and reconcile ticket sales to make the next event better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start selling tickets online for free with Yapsody?

To start selling tickets online for free with Yapsody, follow these steps:

  1. Zero-Dollar Tickets: Yapsody allows you to sell tickets for free events without any Yapsody fees. You won’t incur any charges for creating and managing such events.
  2. Passing on Fees: You have the flexibility to choose whether to pass on the Yapsody fees to your ticket buyers. This means that if you decide to absorb these fees, your attendees will enjoy a truly fee-free ticketing experience.
  3. Applying Surcharges: Alternatively, you can apply a surcharge to your event’s ticket price, which can help you offset the payment processing fees. This way, you can still offer your event for free while covering the costs associated with online ticket sales.

To get started with selling tickets for free events on Yapsody, visit our comprehensive guide: How to Sell Your Event Tickets for Free

How do I set ticket prices for online sales?

To set ticket prices for online sales with Yapsody, follow these steps:

  1. Create Ticket Types: Start by creating different ticket types for your event, such as General Admission, VIP, or Early Bird. Each ticket type can have its own pricing and availability.

  2. Pricing Flexibility: Yapsody offers you the flexibility to price your tickets according to your preference. You can set different prices for different ticket types to accommodate various attendee categories.

  3. Customize Pricing: Tailor the pricing for each ticket type based on factors like event date, availability, and demand. This allows you to optimize your ticket sales strategy.

    To learn more about setting ticket prices and creating multiple ticket types on Yapsody, refer to our detailed guide: How to Add Ticket Pricing and Create Multiple Ticket Types

What are the fees for selling event tickets online?
To understand the fees associated with selling event tickets online through Yapsody, here’s the breakdown:
  1. General Seating: Yapsody charges a fee of 59¢ plus 1.75% per ticket sold for events with general seating arrangements. 
  2. Reserved Seating: If you prefer customizable reserved seating options, Yapsody offers this service for only 98¢ plus 2.49% per ticket sold. 
  3. Free Events: For events that are entirely free, Yapsody charges no fees for ticket sales.To get a precise estimate of Yapsody fees in your local currency, you can use our Pricing Calculator: Yapsody Pricing Calculator. Please note that there are exceptions where Yapsody fees may not be applied, which you can review in detail in our article on exceptions: Exceptions in Which Yapsody Fees Are Not Applied.
What are the payment options available for online ticket sales?
For online ticket sales through Yapsody, we provide a diverse set of payment options to cater to your needs:
  1. Credit Card (Online ticket sales): Accept payments securely through major credit cards, ensuring a convenient booking process for your customers.
  2. PayPal (Online ticket sales): Allow customers to make payments using their PayPal accounts, offering a trusted and widely used payment method.
  3. Pay Later (Online ticket sales): Allow customers to secure their tickets and make payments at a later date, enhancing the ticket purchasing experience.
  4. Cash (Box Office Only): If you prefer to handle cash payments for certain events, Yapsody supports cash transactions for box office sales.
  5. Check (Box Office Only): Accept payments via check, providing flexibility for customers who prefer this traditional payment method.
  6. Complimentary (Box Office Only): Easily manage complimentary tickets by offering them as a payment option for select attendees.
  7. Custom (Box Office Only): Customize your payment methods to accommodate unique requirements or specific payment arrangements. 
  8. Combine Payment (Box Office Only): Streamline box office operations by offering the option to combine multiple payment methods for in-person ticket sales. To set up these payment methods and tailor them to your event’s needs, refer to our detailed guide: How to Set Up Payment Methods
How do I track and manage ticket sales online?
Tracking and managing ticket sales online with Yapsody is convenient and accessible. You can monitor your ticket sales using the Yapstats app or by accessing the Quickstats report.
  1. YapStats App: Stay informed about your ticket sales anytime, anywhere with the YapStats app. This user-friendly mobile application provides real-time insights into your event’s performance, including ticket sales data, attendee demographics, and more. 
  2. Quickstats Report: For a comprehensive overview of your ticket sales, access the Quickstats report through your Yapsody account. This report offers detailed information about ticket sales, revenue, and attendance trends, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize your event’s success.With Yapsody’s intuitive tools and reporting options, you can efficiently track and manage your ticket sales, ensuring a seamless experience for both event organizers and attendees. Stay in control of your event’s progress and make data-driven decisions to enhance your event’s outcomes.
Can I create multiple ticket types on Yapsody? If yes, how?
Yes, Yapsody makes it easy to set up multiple ticket types and price them differently according to your preferences. For a detailed, step-by-step guide, visit How to Add Ticket Pricing and Create Multiple Ticket Types With this feature, you can customize your ticket offerings to cater to various attendee needs and maximize your event’s ticket sales potential.
How can I sell concert tickets on Yapsody?
To sell concert tickets on Yapsody, follow these straightforward steps:
  1. Create a Yapsody Account: Start by creating a Yapsody account. You can sign up easily by following our guide on How to Create a Yapsody Account 
  2. Set Up Your Event: Once your account is ready, set up your concert event on Yapsody. Provide all the necessary details, including the event date, time, venue, and ticket types. 
  3. Link Payment Processor: To kick-start your ticket sales, link a payment processor to your Yapsody account. This ensures a secure and seamless payment experience for your customers.With these steps, you can begin selling concert tickets on Yapsody and efficiently manage your event’s ticketing process. Yapsody offers user-friendly tools to make your concert ticket sales a success.
How can I sell tickets online for a nonprofit events on Yapsody?
To sell tickets online for nonprofit events on Yapsody, we offer a special benefit: 50% Rebate for Nonprofits and NGOs: Yapsody supports nonprofit organizations by providing a 50% rebate on monthly invoices. This helps nonprofits and NGOs reduce their costs while utilizing our comprehensive ticketing platform to promote and manage their events. To learn more about this rebate and how to apply it to your nonprofit events, please visit our dedicated guide: 50% Rebate For Nonprofits and NGOs
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