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Event Ticketing System designed for you Sell Tickets Online Seamlessly

A premium event ticketing system designed to

  • Boost your ticket sales
  • Streamline your event management
  • Increase revenue generation
Oh! Did we say it comes at an affordable price?

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Slash Your ticketing expenses with Yapsody Loyalty Pricing tiers

9.2m +

Number of Tickets Sold

3.7m +

Total Transactions

133k +

Total Number of Events

200k +

Number of Event Presenters

A premium event ticketing platform designed for you

Boost your Event Revenue by adding surcharges or passing on the ticketing fee to your attendees. Additionally, manage your cash flow by gaining flexibility in Invoice Payment

Gain complete control of your event with our Virtual Box Office and maintain your event’s exclusivity through our Inventory Management and Invite-Only codes.

Build your Brand to Enhance Event Visibility

Reflect your brand persona by customizing your tickets and virtual box office. Stay ahead by capitalizing with industry leading payment gateways & tracking tools.

Build your Brand and Enhance Event Visibility
Maximize team’s potential with user access control and analytics

Facilitate your team through our 24/7 Customer Support and User Access Control. Moreover, stay updated with QR code ticket scanner and real time event statistics through our mobile apps – YapScan and YapStats.

Maximize your team’s potential with user access control and analytics

Steps to Increase Event Ticket Sales

Setup Payment Gateway

10+ Payment Gateways supported Across 50+ Countries.

Marketing Integrations

Amplify Your Reach to Boost Event Ticket Sales Online

Track Ticket Sales

Track Real-Time Stats with Robust Reporting & Sales Analytics.

Scan Event Tickets

Streamline your Event Check-in Process.

Our Global Clientele

An established event ticketing software serving clients across the globe

Client Testimonial

Let our client's success stories do all the talking who love to sell event tickets online using Yapsody's Event Ticketing System

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Event Ticketing FAQs

The ticketing fee for using our platform is very low without any setup or subscription cost.

For General Admission & Reserved Seating events, there is a flat per-ticket fee and a percentage of the net ticket price after discounts.

As part of our Loyalty Program, you can avail 20% – 60% off on regular pricing. 

You can also choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your event attendees. 

Get An Overview of Yapsody’s Pricing

Yes, We do provide White Label solutions, however, it is upon the sole discretion of Yapsody’s management team. 

We may want to check the below details:

  1. How many events do you host per year?
  2. How many tickets do you sell per event?
  3. Average ticket price.
  4. Any other ticketing services you’ve used in the past.

You may want to get in touch with our executive to get complete information on how to activate the white-labelled event ticketing solution. 


Yes, you get paid directly into your payment gateway account for each ticket you sell.

At Yapsody we do not handle any funds directly. To accept money from online ticket sales you will have to set up a payment gateway. This payment gateway will be completely under your control and you can check the payout frequencies with your payment solutions provider.

Usually, most payment gateways offer an option for Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly payouts.

Connect with our support executive for more details:

With our YapScan ticket scanner for IOS and Android, you can scan and validate event tickets by: 

  • Photo scanning using the built-in camera
  • Laser scanning for quick entry with a compatible laser attachment
  • Searching attendee name
  • Searching ticket number

Our mobile app – YapStats fetches real-time data for your online ticket sales such as: 

  • Daily ticket sales report
  • Total Ticket Sales report
  • Total Number of Complimentary Tickets Offered
  • The capacity of the Event
  • Comparison between Total Revenue Earned and Potential Revenue 

Understand More Through Our On-Ground Event Day Guides.

Yes, you can use Yapsody for virtual events, you just need to select the event category as Web Event while creating your event.

However, currently, we do not have a streaming facility available, therefore, you will have to use a third-party application like Youtube, Venmo, Zoom, etc. for the streaming of your event and the link for the stream can be added to the e-tickets that are sent out to the ticket buyer via email after a successful purchase.

Our payment policy is straightforward; we only charge you for the tickets you have sold using our event ticketing system. Moreover, we will send you an invoice at the start of the following month which will involve everything you need to know about how and when to make the payment to Yapsody. 

For more details connect with your support representative at

You can pay your invoice from the billing section of your Virtual Box Office by Credit Card or PayPal, depending on the currency of your account.

Yapsody Fees are calculated on a flat fee per ticket plus a percentage of the ticket price, which varies by country/currency and your Loyalty Tier (i.e., Regular, Gold, Platinum, Elite). 

In some countries, the fee is only based on a percentage with no flat fee.

Since we do not hold any of your funds, your invoices are issued by the 2nd day of each month and are due in 10 days from the issue.

Learn More About Yapsody’s Fee Invoices

With Yapsody, you can accept your ticket payments online, offline, and combined payment methods to collect your ticket revenue directly in your bank account. 

  • Online Payment Methods

PayPal, WePay, Stripe,, Braintree, Sage, Meritus, PayU Money, Mollie, Moneris, and many more.

  • Offline Payment Methods

Accept payment through Cash, Check, and Pay Later methods.

Learn More About Payment Methods Supported By Yapsody

No, The attendees are not required to create an account for booking event tickets on our online ticketing system, while booking tickets they are asked to enter their name and email address at the checkout page, an account is auto-created for them and an email is sent out to the email address, they can now use to link in the email to set up a password and access their tickets whenever required.

The account will show them their booking history and give them the option to print their tickets and receipts.

Yes, Yapsody’s online box office interface is optimized for ticket buyers.

Yapsody event ticketing platform offers various features where you can block seats using our social distancing holds feature to enhance venue intimacy and make your event space safer and less prone to the virus. You may also consider looking at our Covid 19 specific resource section which will help you create safe events, Happy Ticketing!

Our pricing and payment model is designed in such a way that it empathises with the event organizers. Wherein, event organizers avail themselves of a time relaxation period, where they can utilize the revenue generated till the time the invoice is raised. Then subsequently fulfilling the obligation in the coming month once the invoice is sent by us. What else?

  1. Sell the first 50 tickets for free. Yapsody allows you to sell the first 50 tickets at zero cost.
  2. Free for free events. So, if you’re throwing a “Free Entry” party there are zero fees for using our Event Ticketing Platform.
  3. Any legitimate non-profit entity is eligible to receive a flat 50% rebate on its monthly invoice.

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