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General Admission

  • Assign ticket types and Add description to ticket on all GA performance.
  • Assign tickets to permission-based hold categories without removing from inventory.
  • Add Multiple Performance at one time.

 Reserved Seating

  • Create seating layouts or upload existing ones & make clickable.
  • Seat designations (Ex: Handicap).
  • Permission-based hold categories.
  • Selectively restrict seats from specific discounts or ticket types.

 Online Ticket Store

  • Customize the look & feel of your store.
  • Purchase multiple events in a single transaction.
  • Safe & secure payments.
  • Customize checkout settings.
  • Select a custom URL.
  • Review Online Store while customization.

Virtual Box Office

  • Sell multiple events in a single transaction.
  • Sell, refund, and reissue tickets.
  • Manage hold tickets by category and permission access.
  • Access to Report like Attendee, Scan count to increase Box office Rep efficiency.

Pricing Options

  • Pricing by ticket type.
  • Pricing by section.
  • Pricing by seat.
  • Pricing by performance.

Discount Options

  • Multi-use and single-use promo code discounts.
  • Group discounts.
  • Box office courtesy discounts.
  • Early purchase discounts.
  • Discounts by ticket type, seat type, performance and sale location.
  • Miscellaneous Discounts.

Surcharge Options

  • Apply surcharges by performance and sale location.
  • Apply surcharges on a ticket or transaction basis.
  • Designate surcharges as taxable or non-taxable.
  • Apply as taxes for special reporting.
Access Codes - Yapsody Feature

Access Codes

  • Multi-use access codes.
  • Single-use access codes.
  • Cap overall redemption.
  • Cap per-transaction redemption.
  • Apply by performance.
  • Restrict to specific ticket types or seat types.

Marketing & Promotion

  • Social media integration.
  • Facebook Pixel tracking.
  • MailChimp integration.
  • Upload emails & send customized event announcements (coming soon).
  • Custom SEO options for each event.

Questionnaires & Surveys

  • Custom Purchaser and Attendee questionnaires.
  • Create logic base questions.
  • Share attendee questionnaires across multiple presenter accounts.
  • Edit Attendee Questionnaire.
  • Event Specific Attendee Questionnaire.

Payment Methods

  • Receive money within days of charge.
  • Create unlimited custom payment methods.
  • Create unlimited permission-based complimentary (comp) categories.
  • Combine payment methods in Box Office.
  • Pay Later (“at the door”).


  • Accept donations online.
  • Accept donations in box office.

Mobile Apps

  • Ticket scanning app on iPhone and Android. (Laser scanning also available for quick entry).
  • Mobile Box Office on iPad.
  • Real-time event stats app on iPhone and Android.

Ticket Customization

  • Multiple e-ticket templates.
  • Add advertisements.
  • Select upcoming events to promote.
  • Add custom information.
  • Thermal tickets option.
  • Get E-ticket Preview.

Inventory Management

  • Ticket print, will call (pick-up), and check-in- at-the-door delivery methods
  • Set ticket quantity per transaction minimums & maximums
  • Get Print transaction notes on receipt
  • Add Terms & Condition for Checkout

Event Setup Wizard

  • Create and separately manage unlimited performances.
  • Schedule on sale start/end times.
  • Create holds.
  • Let customers contact you via Yapsody.
  • Set scan times & scans per ticket.
  • Get your Event Preview.


  • Create button and text links to post on any website
  • Create separate links for each performance

User Management

  • Give access to multiple users.
  • Permission groups for easy setup.
  • Detailed permissions include payment methods, comp categories, & hold categories.
  • Restrict sales reps & brokers to specific events.

Customer Support

  • 24x7x365 Support.
  • Live chat and email.
  • Call-back on request.
  • Webinar Support.

Security & Performance

  • Infrastructure supports high sales volume.
  • Queueing system increases redundancy.
  • Yapsody never stores credit card data.
  • YapSecure – Our proprietary system for securely processing online transactions.


  • Marketing reports.
  • Accounting reports.
  • Customer reports.
  • Account, event, performance & transaction level reports.
  • YapStats mobile app.
  • Quick Stats Report.
  • Global Consolidated Event Sales Report.

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