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about Yapsody

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Yapsody is a live entertainment and event ticketing company focused on providing hospitality enterprises such as casinos and independent presenters customized end-to-end solutions for leveraging concert entertainment. Yapsody contracts and produces several hundred major concert events per year. Yapsody’s powerful, simple-to-use online event ticketing system delivers cutting-edge ticketing services and event registration solutions to thousands of event presenters across the globe each year, enabling them to sell tickets online to concerts, conferences, sporting events, theater shows, fundraisers and more.

About us


To be a source of power for people to generate possibilities, set goals, and implement plans for achieving success through affordable and easily accessible products and services.


We endeavor to identify the possibilities that exist for ourselves and our customers and to spread power to others by sharing that understanding with the world.


We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services with the utmost integrity, transparency, and passion while holding our clients’ best interests at heart.

The following brief history demonstrates our unwavering commitment and proven effectiveness in maximizing the ROI for our concert clients’ entertainment programs and event ticketing for presenters worldwide.


Yapsody was founded to service the growing Native American casino industry by providing access to national headline entertainment at reasonable prices.


Yapsody entered into a sales agency relationship with Sodak Gaming, the then-largest supplier of gaming devices to Native American casinos, to market talent buying services to Native American casinos.


In response to the 2008 economic recession, Yapsody invested in the development of two additional services to support the Native American gaming sector: Event Production and Event Ticketing. Both were developed in collaboration with our casino clients, tailored to their requirements, and offered at no extra charge. This approach encouraged casinos to retain their entertainment programs during the recession by delivering an effective approach to driving ROI through a combination of cost savings (e.g., eliminating ticketing expenses and lowering production costs) and incremental revenue generation (e.g., 100% retention of customer ticketing fees).


Yapsody released a new SaaS version of its ticketing system that allows any presenter around the world to create an account online and immediately begin selling tickets. General Admission ticketing was offered on a freemium basis.


Yapsody eliminated its freemium ticketing program and began monetizing General Admission while expanding its presence across the globe, including in key markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the EU Region. This drove Yapsody to become a leading, trusted go-to company for outsourced concert promotion services and event management software with features specific to sectors with unique requirements such as gaming and hospitality.

key services


Our enterprise-grade ticketing platform is designed to support our concert clientele along with global hospitality entities at an industry-efficient price. Our premium event ticketing features fastracks your event management, revenue generation, and branding on a single interface. know more…


With 200+ Headline Artist Bookings Annually and 150+ events produced annually, we’ve become the go-to name for talent buying, concert production, and patron building. know more…


We’ve put customer care at the forefront of hospitality businesses to help you acquire, engage, and retain your loyal patrons through a host of services such as White Labelled Customer Care, Retention Programs, Inbound & Outbound Multi-Channel Support, and many more. know more…


Translate your ideas into flawless digital solutions with our technology services that have revolutionized the way customers interact with enterprises through Database Management, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Consultations. know more…


Our marketing suite has been meticulously designed to suit a diverse range of requirements unique to the hospitality & entertainment industry. Through Digital Marketing, Branding, Conversion Optimization, & Audience Engagement, we implement problem-solving strategies that elevate sales. know more…