The Right Ways to Promote a Kid’s Event

The Right Ways to Promote a Kid’s Event

Being parents of the 21st century is definitely the most difficult job in the world. With most kids preferring to spend time playing games online on mobile devices, it’s challenging for every parent to keep them off the screen. However, outdoor activities like a sports event with family or an interesting musical for kids are a great way to keep them off the phones and encourages family bonding. You may be the best at planning a kid’s event, but if you don’t promote it right, all your hard work can go down the drain. Don’t worry! We won’t let that happen. If you’ve been looking for ways to promote an event specifically organized for kids, know where your audience is and how to promote it. Here are some of the best ways to promote a kid’s event.

Online Marketing Methods

The Power of Social Media
Most parents use social media to socialize with friends or check what’s going on in each other’s life. Since your target audience is online, go on and share the event you’ve planned on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Roll out contests, quizzes and offer giveaway tickets. When you engage with your attendee’s parents online, there’s a high chance the kids will attend your event. Alternatively, you can sign up with Yapsody and we can also share your events on our profile so your events can get maximum exposure.

Email Marketing: The Personalized Tool
Work on creating your contact list if you don’t have one already. Target parents, teachers and daycare providers. Get their email addresses through contests on social media or by calling up schools. You can use our MailChimp Integration to send out personalized email invites of your event. Let them know how the event will benefit their kids and what it offers. Offer additional discounts to schools and daycare providers as through them you can get maximum attendees.

Parents find ways to keep their kids engaged in offline activities. So they google up upcoming kids events. But your event shows up after 3 pages. If you want more people to find your event easily, you have to use SEO to increase the visibility of your event. What is SEO? It’s a way of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic organically. To do so, you need to optimize your content, meta description and title with the most popular keywords. Through optimized content, ranking gets better and better ranking simply means your event page will show up before your competitor’s. Our online ticketing system gives you an option to optimize your content using the most searched keywords.

Premium Event Listing
Do you want maximum people to see your event?  List your events on popular event listing websites like Yapsody. You can fill up our form and post your events on our website for free. That way, our website visitors can see your events and buy the tickets from the online ticket store.

Get Featured on the Blogs
Do you want to know how to promote your event successfully? The answer is blogs. Blogs give the readers a gist of what your events are all about. Let me give you an event promotion example. Let’s say you’re hosting a Cinderella drama for the kids. You can sign up with Yapsody and we will feature your Cinderalla drama event on our website. Along with the event information, we offer a direct link to the ticket store to buy tickets online.

Paid Ads on Apps
Kids love to play games online. They can go on for days without eating unless the wifi or the internet stops working. You can use this situation for your benefit. While gaming apps display ads of other games, you can go for paid ads for your event. Make sure your ad is interesting enough for the kids to watch it till the end. Make sure your event ad is not displayed too many times as it will cause a reverse effect on your event promotion.

Offline Marketing

Create and distribute appealing flyers at schools, toy stores, shopping malls and every other place you think kids or parents visit. To make sure your flyers don’t land up in the trash, add a discount coupon code on it that has to be used while booking tickets online. Additionally, design your flyers with the theme you’ve chosen for your event. For example, you’re hosting a magic show for the kids. Make sure you add pictures of the magician performing the magic. Alternatively, let the magician amaze the kids with a few tricks near the school and hand out the flyers after he’s the magical moment.

Be it an arts festival or a sports week for the kids, place banners of your event everywhere so there’s maximum participation. Remember the placement plays an important role in reaching out to the maximum audience. Schools, buses and parks should be your prime places for banner placement. The more people will see your ads, the more crowd you can expect at your location.

Radio Ads
Want to promote your Christmas lunch for kids and their families? Reach out to almost everyone through radio ads. Parents generally listen to the radio while driving, traveling or during a workout. If you want to promote your event, put up a radio ad, let the RJ give guests all the information about the event. You can also organize an interview with the artists and performers of your event. That way, your events get better exposure and can lead to a sold-out event.

While you organize the best of the events to keep the kids entertained, you’ll need a ticketing partner to offer your attendees a great ticketing experience. Zero down on Yapsody for your event ticketing needs as we offer the best features at an affordable price. Not only that, we’ve rolled out our irresistible holiday season offers so you can get a 25% off on your event ticketing fees. Sign up with Yapsody and use our promo code HOLIDAY25 while creating an awesome event.

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