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Guide For Hosting A Local Oktoberfest

Yapsody Event Ticketing Blog - Guide For Hosting A Local Oktoberfest - A guy serving a beer
Yapsody Event Ticketing Blog - Guide For Hosting A Local Oktoberfest - A guy serving a beer

Munich, known for its fine architecture, culture, and the world-famous Oktoberfest is on every backpacker’s bucket list. Oktoberfest is a beer festival that originated in Munich, Germany in 1810. It brings together beer lovers and foodies to dance, drink, eat and have fun under one huge camp for 2 exhilarating weeks.

But if you can’t fly all the way to Germany to attend it, you can always enjoy a local Oktoberfest. 

A step-by-step guide to host and organize a local Oktoberfest

1. Define Your Budget

Big events can take your expenses overboard or can leave you with a deficiency if not planned well. While organizing a local Oktoberfest, create your budget keeping in mind the security, infrastructure, beer tents, live music, and food arrangements. Allocate a specific budget for each activity and track your budget to ensure you have enough in case of emergencies.

2. Choose An Outdoor Venue

A local beer festival like Oktoberfest will attract massive crowds, hence pick an outdoor venue. Once the budget is finalized and your event is live, you can provide your attendees the option to choose between general admission and reserved seating, based on their preference.

The venue should preferably be in a remote area, outside the city where you can easily arrange for parking facilities. It’ll also allow your attendees to enjoy a long road trip to your event venue, just like the OG Oktoberfest. 

Pro-Tip: Geotag your Oktoberfest location on your Online Ticket Store so your attendees can easily reach the venue.

3. Set Up Beer Tents

While the actual Oktoberfest has 14 beer tents, you can have as many as you like to ensure your attendees have a great time. Tie up with the local breweries or event sponsors who can hook you up with the best. Name each tent with a name based on its offerings and charge the entry fee accordingly. 

Every tent can have different ticket types, ranging from Regular to VIP tickets to accommodate everyone.

4. Turn Up The Music

A beer fest without the good music flowing is incomplete. The original Oktoberfest has a mix of live music, DJs, and people singing to keep the rhythm of the feast alive and moving. Similarly, you can organize a live music festival or book a DJ to get the beer lovers to loosen up and dance to some good tunes. 

5. Local Food For Local Oktoberfest

While Roast Chicken, Schweinebraten(roast pork), and Pretzels are popular delicacies served at the Oktoberfest, you can opt for a Taste Tests style of event. Set up food stalls of different cuisines to offer the best of food to down their beer with. Feast on your favorite beef steak or your popular local food to avoid getting knocked out after a couple of pints.

6. Customize Your E-Tickets

Let your ticket design reflect your brand and not be restricted to a bland format. Use Oktober-fest-related imagery and illustrations to get your attendees excited about your event branding.

With Yapsody, your event branding journey begins when you customize your ticketing domain and personalize every element that makes your brand stand out.

7. Promote Your Oktoberfest

Event promotion if done right can result in a sold-out event in no time. Even though Oktoberfest is frequented by oldies and newbies alike, social media marketing is the way to go while promoting your local Oktoberfest quickly. You could also try Building Event Momentum through Email Marketing

We hope our brief guide helps you set up your local Oktoberfest with grandeur and regalia. Our Enterprise-Grade features are designed to support your teamwork and potential for a heavy-duty festival such as Oktoberfest.

Make sure to sign up with us to create and manage all your events.

To know more about how you can elevate the Oktoberfest event experience for your attendees, read our recent blog.

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