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General Admission vs. Reserved Seating

Yapsody Event Ticketing Blog - General Admission or Reserved Seating? What should I choose?
Yapsody Event Ticketing Blog - General Admission or Reserved Seating? What should I choose?

General Admission or Reserved Seating? What should I choose?

This is a question that’s been debated by event planners and attendees alike for years. Should you let your guests have the freedom to choose where they want to sit, or should you assign them a specific spot? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each option and help you decide which one is best for your event.

What is General Admission?

General Admission is like giving your guests the freedom to choose their own adventure. It’s a more relaxed and flexible approach that allows attendees to arrive early and stake out their favourite spot or leisurely move around and find a spot that suits them. Additionally, there is something exciting about being able to choose your own seat and feel like you have a bit of control over your experience. So, if you’re planning a fun and casual event, General Admission might be the perfect seating arrangement for you.

What Kinds of Events Are General Admission Suited for?

General Admission seating is perfect for casual and relaxed events like music festivals, comedy shows, and outdoor movie screenings. It’s also great for standing-room-only formats such as dance parties and concerts and can be a cost-effective option. General Admission seating creates a more inclusive atmosphere and is well-suited for events that focus on the overall experience rather than individual seating arrangements.

What Do We offer?

At Yapsody, we offer you general admission at a minimal cost. Your attendees can easily buy these tickets from your online ticket store and move around on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Yapsody Event Ticketing blog - General Admission

What is Reserved Seating?

Reserved Seating is like having your own VIP section at an event. With Reserved Seating, guests know exactly where they’ll be sitting ahead of time and can feel confident that they’ll have a comfortable and premium experience. It can also help event managers to manage crowd control & logistics. With assigned seats, event managers can manage lines more easily and ensure that their guests have a luxurious experience.

What Kinds of Events is Reserved Seating Suited for?

Reserved Admission seating is ideal for events where having a designated spot is important, such as theatre performances, concerts, drive-in events, or business conferences. It allows guests to have a more organized, structured, and special experience, which can be particularly important for events with a specific schedule or agenda.

What Do We offer?

At Yapsody, we offer Reserved Seating as a free feature! You only pay for the tickets that are sold at the end of the month. With our interactive seating plan creator, you can easily recreate your entire venue on our platform. Your attendees can then choose their seats from the seating plan and buy tickets instantly. Plus, we provide specific seating plans for different events.

Yapsody Event Ticketing Blog - Box Office - Reserved seating

We at Yapsody make it easier to create and manage different types of events. It allows you to opt for either of the seating arrangements and leverage the best out of our inventory management.

Now that you know the difference between general admission and reserved seating, we hope it helps you make the right choice to create a fantastic event & boost your turnout.

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