10 Steps on How to Organize a Successful Concert Event

10 Steps to Organize a Successful Concert Event
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Listening to your favorite band or artist while traveling is way different than watching them live at a music concert. It’s an exhilarating experience no one will want to miss. Music has a way of connecting people from different communities and age groups. If you’re an event presenter looking to organize a concert, here are ten steps that’ll guide you to create a successful concert.

Step 1: Plan your Budget
It all starts with the budget and the scale at which you want to organize the concert. Create an event budget template that can be used for future events. Set up a realistic budget to cover all expenses related to the infrastructure, booking the venue, talent buying and logistics including any contingency. Ascertain at this point, if you need any sponsors for your event, especially if it’s a fundraiser event. Track your budget to ensure you don’t overspend.

Step 2: Talent Buying
Depending on the type of concert you’re organizing and your budget, choose artists your attendees are die-hard fans of. Do an analysis of what works best for your audience. For example, if you’re looking to organize a concert in Washington for people aged between 21-50, who enjoy rap, pop and dance music, then get an artist like Pitbull for your event. Also, if you’re going for multiple artists, make sure they are comfortable performing with the other bands. Basically, give your audience what they love. Reach out to a concert promoter like Yapsody to buy talent and get the greatest artists to perform at your event. Yapsody currently does 200+ headline talent bookings per year from classics like Snoop Dogg to Weird Al Yankovic, George Lopez and Billy Gardell. It also produces 150+ concert events per year in venues ranging from small traditional indoor theaters to 10,000 capacity temporary outdoor venues that Yapsody production staff set up from scratch.

Step 3: Prepare your Venue
Once your artists are decided, finalize on the venue. Is it an indoor or an outdoor concert? If you already have a casino or a pub, the venue won’t a big concern. But if you’re hosting the concert outdoors, you can choose a stadium or an open space for the concert location. Depending on your budget and how many attendees your venue can accommodate, finalize your venue. Consider the traffic, distance to get to the venue and parking facilities while booking the venue. Geotag the location of your event on social media and our online ticket store so your attendees can get to the venue easily.

Step 4: Finalize the Concert Date
By now you already know who are performing and where they will perform. Based on the availability of your artists, set your concert event date. Create the buzz around the event and also while launching the concert, send out email campaigns and reminders to the stakeholders and your audience. With the holiday season arriving soon, there will be several events during the time. Make sure your event dates don’t clash with another important and popular event. Once your concert date is set, plan your promotional and marketing strategies for your target audience.

Step 5: Logistics
Be it a small gig or a big concert, book the sound system and speakers needed for the concert, if the venue doesn’t have it already. If it’s an outdoor concert in an open space, set up a great stage for your artists, rent the stage equipment including light and sound. Set up a backstage, dressing room and take care of the food arrangements at the concert. While you take care of logistics, don’t miss out on getting the required permits for noise and alcohol consumption. Another important factor in logistics is the manpower recruitment. If it’s a large concert that you’re planning to host, begin your recruitment process well in advance. You’ll need volunteers to welcome, answer queries and attend to any issue they may face while at the concert. If you’re offering liquor at the concert, make sure you have trained security, CCTV surveillance and drones to take care of any unwanted situation. With our mobile apps, your check-in and check out process will be so quick, you won’t need too many volunteers at the entry and exit points.

Step 6: Ticket Pricing
Ticket pricing is one of the important factors to focus on if you’re looking for a sold-out status. Once you know your expenses and the no of attendees expected at the concert, add an extra margin to cover up additional expenses and set up your ticket price. Create multiple ticket types to give your attendees a choice. Read our blog on “How to price your ticket in 3 steps”. Roll out exciting offers like early bird offer or bundled pricing to sell more tickets online. Save on your ticketing costs with our “Pass on Fee” feature and add the cost of the tickets to the ticket price, making event ticketing absolutely free.

Step 7: Pick your Event Ticketing Partner
Ticketing may seem like a small part of your event planning decision, but that’s where you’ll get your payments from. Save your time and money with our low priced event ticketing system that only has the best to offer. From the online ticket store, virtual box office to mobile apps and multiple payment gateways, we offer you the best ticketing solutions and services to make your concert a great success. Using our ticket customization feature, you can customize your tickets with your artist’s image on the ticket. We’re not only feature-rich but also offer one of the best customer support to our event presenters, read what presenters have to say about us.

Step 8: Promote your Concert
The world wide web has made promoting an event pretty simple and easy for event presenters. Today, you can post your events on social media, create your event on Facebook and check how many will turn up for your concert easily. You can also roll out contests, give away freebies and offer group discounts. Apart from social media campaigns, use email marketing to let your attendees know about your upcoming concert. You can use our MailChimp integration to send out invites and access codes to VIP attendees weeks before the event. Alternatively, you can also list your events with us for free. All you need to do is sign up with Yapsody, create your event and we will share your event on our social media profiles for you. Want to know when is the right time to promote your event? Read our blog.

Step 9: Post Concert Promotion
Whether this is your first event or you’re an expert at hosting a concert event, always capture memories of your event. It’ll help you in two ways – you can see the results of your hard work and second, you can share it on social media to let people know about the success of the concert. So, if anyone missed your concert, they’ll make it a point to attend your next concert for sure.

Step 10: Thank your Attendees
Build and maintain your relationship with your attendees even after the concert. You can send personalized thank you emails to your attendees for taking time out for your event. Using our MailChimp integration, you can send out email surveys to check what they liked and what can work better for your next event. That way, your attendees will feel valued and appreciated. Once they become your loyal fans, their word of mouth will get you more success compared to any other promotion.

With these steps and our effective online ticketing system, you’re about to capture your attendees’ hearts. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start selling your concert tickets online with Yapsody.

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    My town is hoping to start a new annual concert series. I am glad your first step is to find a budget. I agree that it is very important to track your budget to make sure you stay on goal. As far as sound systems for our concert, I think a reputable, local PA rental company would do the best job of giving us quality sound while staying in our budget.

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