6 Different Event Ticket Types to Sell Out Your Next Event

6 Different Event Ticket Types to Sell Out Your Next Event

Three words that can make an event presenter’s day. Though this is easier said than done, there are a few things that increase your chances to sell out your event. Giving your audience multiple ticket types and pricing options is one of them. Get that wrong and you end up confusing your potential attendees. Here are 6 different event ticket types, we think are just right to help you sell out your event.

1. General Admission Ticket

General Admission allows your attendees entry to the event and the seating is usually on a first come, first serve basis. Hence, while there are seats for every attendee, it isn’t fixed as in reserved seating. It is one of the most common ticket types that an attendee can choose to buy anytime.

– When to Use General Admission Ticket

General admission tickets can be used for any type of event. They are usually less expensive than with reserved seating tickets. This is suitable for attendees on a budget, letting them enjoy the show without having to burn a hole in the pocket. You also have an option to hold general admission tickets for special guests from the virtual box office.

2. Reserved Seating

Reserved seating, on the other hand, lets your attendees self-select their seats from the seating map available on the online ticket store while booking their tickets. With reserved seats booked in advance, your attendees a great first impression of your event.

– When to Use Reserved Seating

Reserved seating works best for sports, concerts, and clubs to name a few. Read our blog on “Increasing Online Ticket Sales with Reserved Seating” to know more.

3. Group Tickets

Group tickets generally offer discounts for larger groups. Who doesn’t love a great deal? Whether it is for a group of friends from college or a team from work heading out to de-stress, offer group discounts for five or more tickets to attract attendees to buy more tickets.

– When to Use Group Tickets

Use group tickets for larger events like concerts and conferences where the cost of the ticket is high. Offer coupons or incentives to increase group sales and sell out your event easily.

4. Themed Promo Code Tickets

Whether you’re planning a party for Halloween or a Christmas get-together for your community, themed promo code tickets act as an added benefit for potential attendees to buy tickets online. Selling these tickets in advance creates excitement among attendees and make the event popular. Also, promoting themed events on social media can help you sell out the event faster.

– When to Use Themed Promo Code Tickets

Let’s say you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party. Use a themed promo code like NY2019 or NEW19 to sell your tickets online. Combine it with a special offer and see a sold-out status in no time.

5. Giveaway Tickets

To engage with a larger audience, presenters organize contests. Giveaway tickets can be used as a prize for these contests on social media. From free entry tickets to free coupons for food stalls, anything that’s free attracts potential attendees to your event.

– When to Use Giveaway Tickets

Kickstart your first event with giveaway tickets. It is the best way to promote your event to a large audience.

6. Early Bird Ticket

The ‘Early Bird’ ticket, as the name suggests, are tickets sold with heavy discounts during the pre-sale period. Tickets like these create a sense of urgency among attendees to buy tickets quickly, creating a sense of FOMO. No one wants to pay a higher price for the same ticket, do they?

– When to Use Early Bird Ticket

When you know there’s enough time for the event and you want to ramp up your ticket sales process. You can also offer early bird tickets for events like a future conference or a live music concert, during your ongoing event.

These ticket types are sure to be a gamechanger for your next event. Besides this, selecting the right online ticketing system with the best features will help you effectively sell tickets online and save more money for your next event.

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