Why Your School & College Events Need Online Ticketing

Why Your School & College Events Need Online Ticketing

School events help showcase every child’s talent – whether it is through a musical or an international science fair. With mostly parents as an audience, you don’t want to put your school’s reputation at stake through a bad event experience.

If you’re planning a successful children’s event at your school, this blog is for you. Here’s why your school or colleges event will do better with online ticketing.

1. Avoids Event Day Chaos

A well-managed event can mean positive appreciation and reputation building for your institution. While the parents would love to see their kids perform, you definitely don’t want them to be kept held up in queues. Cut the long queues short through YapScan –  our app that lets you validate tickets quickly so that you don’t kill their excitement.

2. Saves Cost

To offer parents and your guests a great experience, you want to sell tickets online, but the exorbitant event ticketing charges can let them down. That’s not the case with Yapsody. 

While most ticketing systems charge a $2 fee per ticket sold, Yapsody can be leveraged at low pricing. In fact, you can choose to pass on fees as the amount passed to your guests is relatively low and they won’t mind paying it.

3. Easy Event Creation 

Be it an International Fair or an Alumni Meet, organizing school events requires you to handle multitudes of strategic tasks. But creating your event and selling tickets online doesn’t need to be time-consuming. 

With Yapsody, you can save a whole lot of time by creating all your events in the Virtual Box Office and duplicating them to avoid repeated efforts.  This means, if you have 20 school events a month, you don’t have to create each one from scratch..

4. Reserves Seating Sections

Whether it’s for their children’s drama performance or live school concert, watching the parents and guests run for the best seats can look pretty ugly. As a prestigious school, you’d want your attendees and parents to be comfortable once they arrive for the event. 

Reserved seating gives them an option to enjoy the most awaited performance of their children from their chosen spots. Besides, you can also offer Invite-Only codes to VIPs or volunteers so they can get exclusive access to the school event.

5. Ease Of Email Marketing

With most of your school parents and other guests available on Facebook and Twitter, promoting your event in advance can get you a good response.

Additionally, you can use our Email marketing integration to send out personalized email templates to the parents and other attendees. For example, if it’s a Cinderella musical, you can create an event invite using Canva or photoshop with a shiny glass slipper and details of the event.

6. Customized E-Tickets

Watching children perform on stage or showcase their talent is exciting for parents. Pump up the excitement by offering your parents and other guests customized e-tickets that will make it even more interesting from the time they book their tickets. 

If you’re organizing a Halloween party at school, you can add Jack-O’-Lanterns to your ticket to give it a Halloween theme by using our ticket customization feature.

7. Avoid Overpriced & Fake Tickets

As teens, we have done everything to get the extra pocket money, even if it means selling the school event tickets at a higher price. However, overpriced and fake tickets should not concern you anymore.

With Yapsody, every event ticket is assigned a unique QR code. It contains all the information about the event like the date, venue, the type of ticket, and the ticket purchaser’s name. So if anyone attempts to enter with a fake ticket, our mobile app YapScan will easily detect it.

8. Track Your Ticket Sales

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or sports event, you can easily track how successful you’ve been in generating revenue. Our mobile app YapStats gives you detailed reports on tickets sold and daily conversions so you can alter your sales strategy.

You have all the reasons to pull off your next school event and make it the most memorable one. While you plan your next school drama or an ice skating event, offer your attendees a seamless ticketing experience. Go on and create memories by signing up with Yapsody

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