Why the Next Annual Event at your School or College Needs an Online Ticketing System

Why the Next Annual Event at your School or College Needs an Online Ticketing System

School events are a great way of showcasing every child’s talent. Whether it is through a musical concert or an international science fair, pulling off a great school event requires strategic planning. With mostly parents as an audience, you don’t want to put your school’s reputation at stake through a bad event experience. If you’ve already been through it before and want to rock your next school event, this blog is for you. We’ll tell you why your school event will do better with an online ticketing system.

Avoid Chaos
A well-managed school event can mean a positive appreciation and good reputation for your school. While the parents would love to see their kids perform, you definitely don’t want them to keep checking the time. Cut the long queues short through our YapScan mobile app. This app lets you quickly scan through every attendee, so you don’t kill their excitement and let them in right away.

Save On your Cost
Organizing and selling event tickets online can be your worst nightmare, especially when you want to save on costs. Let’s say you’ve planned a Hawaiin party. To offer parents and your guests a great experience, you want to sell tickets online, but the exorbitant event ticketing charges let you down. That’s not the case with Yapsody. While most ticketing systems charge $2 fee per ticket sold, our online ticketing system can be leveraged at a fairly low price. In fact, you can choose to pass on fees as the amount passed to your guests is relatively low and they won’t mind paying it. Additionally, you can avail our holiday season offers and get a flat 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

Create All School Events with Ease
Be it an International Fair or a Grandparents BBQ, hosting a school event requires you to handle multitudes of tasks with strategic planning. But creating your event online and selling tickets doesn’t need to be a time-consuming activity. At Yapsody, you can save a whole lot of time by creating all your events in the virtual box office. This means, if you have 10 school events this month, you don’t have to create each one from scratch. For example, once you’ve created the Grandparent BBQ event, you can simply copy the same event and edit it to make changes.

Reserved Seating
Whether it’s for their children’s drama performance or live school concert, watching the parents and guests run for the best seats can look pretty ugly. As a prestigious school, you’d want your attendees and parents to be comfortable once they arrive for the event. Reserved seating gives your attendees an option to choose from our seating layout so they can book their tickets in advance. With reserved seating, they can enjoy the most awaited performance of their children from their chosen spots. Besides, you can also offer access codes to VIPs or volunteers like some of our presenters do so they can get early access to the event.

Easy Promotion
With most of your school parents and other guests available on Facebook and Twitter, promoting your event in advance can get you a good response. When you sign up with Yapsody, marketing your events is a cakewalk. Here’s how we promote your event:

  • Share on social media – We share your school events on our social media profiles
  • Premium event listing – You can list all your school events on our website for free
  • Blogs – We feature your school events on our blogs along with a buy tickets button, so your attendees can directly purchase your tickets from your online ticket store.

Additionally, you can use our MailChimp integration to send out personalized email invites to the parents and other attendees. For example, if it’s a Cinderella musical you’re planning to host, you can create an invite using Canva or photoshop with a shiny glass slipper and details of the event.

Ticket Customization
Watching your child perform on the stage is a very exciting time for parents. Pump up the excitement by offering your school parents and other guests customized tickets. Let’s say, you’re organizing a Halloween lunch party for the family, you can add Jack-O’-Lanterns on your ticket to give it a Halloween theme. Using our online ticketing system, you can customize your ticket the way you like. Also, 2 out of 30 attendees can forget their tickets at home. That won’t happen when you sell tickets online. You can choose how your attendees should get their tickets, either in the inbox or take a print out at the box office.

Avoid Overpricing and Fake Tickets
As teens, we have done everything to get the extra pocket money, even if it means selling the school event tickets at a higher price. However, overpriced and fake tickets should not concern you anymore. At Yapsody, every ticket is assigned a QR code. It contains all the information about the event like the date, venue, the type of ticket and the ticket purchaser’s name. So if anyone attempts to enter with a fake ticket, our mobile app YapScan will easily detect it. Want to avoid fake tickets? Sell your event tickets with Yapsody.

Track your Ticket Sales
Whether you’re hosting this event to raise funds for your school or to give your students better provisions, you can easily track how successful you’ve been in generating revenue. Our mobile app, YapStats gives you detailed reports on tickets sold and daily conversions so you can alter your sales strategy to sell more tickets online.

You have all the reasons to pull off your next school event and make it the most memorable one. While you plan your next school drama or an ice skating event, offer your attendees a seamless ticketing experience through our premium yet low-priced school event ticketing system. Go on and create memories, sign up with Yapsody and sell the first 50 tickets for free.

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