10 Step Guide To Plan & Organize an Alumni Meet

10 Step Guide To Plan & Organize an Alumni Meet

Alumni meets are great for relieving the olden days. Meeting your old friends from schools & colleges after many years can be a beautiful experience, especially when everyone’s busy trying to juggle between work, family, and friends

Whether it is 10 or 15 years after your academic pass out, you can create events with Yapsody and make your alumni meet a grand success with our 10 Step Guide.

1. Sync Up With Alumni Attendees

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First things first, event planning and syncing are the keys to successful alumni meet. With attendees living in different locations and time zones, it can be difficult to sync up. Start with attendees who are currently in your location. If you already have an event management team, divide the tasks. Let your team coordinate with the attendees for a suitable date and time they’ll be available.

2. Finalize Venue & Ticket Pricing

Once you have the budget, date, and the confirmed number of attendees, select the venue for the reunion. Depending on your budget, you can choose an indoor or outdoor event venue. If it’s an outdoor event, host it in an open park with special food arrangements. 

If you’re planning to keep it during the winters, organize it in a cozy cafe or a club to remind them of their old party days. Once you’ve finalized the venue and know approximately how many are expected, set up the ticket pricing.

3. Create a Custom Invitation

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You’re about to reunite the old batchmates of a university so make it a nostalgic one with creative and custom-designed alumni invite. You can request an old photograph of the batch and use Canva or photoshop to create an engaging invite. Moreover, you could use graphic design software like Vectornator to create a stunning vector-based invitation card including your old photos.

Get a list of all the batchmates of that year and send them a personalized invite using our Email Marketing Integration. Some attendees could be in different parts of the world. To make sure everyone gets to be a part of it, send the invite months in advance. 

Learn How You Make It An Exclusive Event With Our Invite-Only Codes.

4. Choose A Feature-Rich Ticketing Platform

Once you’ve planned the alumni event, you’ll need an event ticketing platform. The attendees will reunite after a long time so you need to give them a seamless ticketing experience. Whether the university is in Germany or Canada, you can create an Alumni meet in multiple languages. 

Our online event ticketing features streamline your: 

5. Offer Discounts

No matter how successful your alumni may be, offering a discounted ticket can always light up their faces. Roll out the early bird offers and group discounts to get the buzz going and sell out your tickets faster Here are 5 Types Of Discount Options To Take Advantage Of.

6. Arrange For Event Catering

Every alumnus offers food and drinks, however, you can offer your attendees a different experience. Find out what the attendees will prefer for starters or dining using our Questionnaire & Surveys feature. If they remember something special that everyone relished together, be it an In-N-Out burger or the pepperoni pizza, add that in your event menu.

7. Alumni Spot Performances

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To make the class reunion extraordinary, a few interested attendees can create a short performance through a dance or a popular group song of their time. If anyone plays a musical instrument,  you can have an on-the-spot jam-up session with the popular hits of the era.

Organize games like guess the teacher or beer pong games. Entertain your attendees with a live band or a DJ who’ll play the music that will take them back to their college days. Whether it is the “YMCA” or “Hotel California”, let your attendees bring back the nostalgia with great music and games.

8. Mini Sporting Activities

Basketball, Rugby or Football, pick your attendees’ favorite sport that they played during the college days and host a sports event. They could relive the olden days by playing a friendly match along with their kids (if any)and also can be the cheerleaders for such activities.

9. Screen A Highlight Reel

While your attendees will create new memories at this event, you can collect all the old pictures of the batch through your attendees to create a video. This video can be shared on a big screen at the event. You can also arrange a photo booth with appealing props so your attendees can create new memories and post them on social media.

10. Graduation With Giveaways

Bring On The Nostalgia: Organize an Alumni Meet in 13 steps

Let your attendees relive the traditional graduation ceremony. You can invite the teachers too and have a felicitation program for them. With graduation hats and gowns, you can take them back to the olden days. To honor them and thank your attendees, you can print out thank you certificates for taking time out and attending the event. In return, your attendees will thank you for putting up a great show.

10. Graduation With Giveaways

Let your attendees relive the traditional graduation ceremony by: 

  • Inviting their teachers or professors to have a felicitation program for them. 
  • Including graduation hats and gowns for a bit of nostalgic vanity
  • Printing out thank you certificates for attending the alumni meet
  • Giving away party favors in the form of bottle openers, bags, t-shirts, or mugs with the year you passed and the university name on it.

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