How to Plan & Organize an Alumni Meet Online:13 Steps Guide

How to Plan & Organize an Alumni Meet Online:13 Steps Guide

Alumni meets are a great way to relive the olden days. Meeting your old friends from high school and university after many years can be a beautiful experience, especially when everyone’s busy running the rat race trying to juggle between work, family, and friends. Whether it is 5 or 15 years after college, make your alumni meet great success with these steps.

1. Plan the Event

Event Planning Checklist

When hosting an Alumni meet, planning is the key. With attendees working in different locations, it can be difficult to coordinate with everyone. Start with attendees who are currently in your location. If you already have an event management team, divide the tasks. Let your team coordinate with the attendees for a suitable date and time they’ll be available.

2. Venue & Pricing

Once you have the budgets, date and the number of attendees confirmed, select the venue for the reunion. Depending on your budget, you can plan the event outdoors or simply make it an indoor event. If it’s an outdoor event, you can host it in an open park with special food arrangements (we’ve written all about it below). If you’re planning to keep it during the winters, find a cozy cafe or a club to remind them of their old party days. Once you’ve finalized the venue and know approximately how many are expected, set up the ticket pricing. Now, this can be a little tricky even for the expert event presenters. We recommend you go through our blog on “how to price an event ticket in 3 steps” to make you an expert in ticket pricing.

3. Invitation

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You’re about to reunite the old batchmates of a university. Make it a memorable one. Begin with a creative invite. You can request for an old photograph of the batch and use Canva or photoshop to create an engaging invite. Moreover, you could use a graphic design software like Vectornator to create a stunning vector-based invitation card including your old photos.
Get a list of all the batchmates of that year and send them a personalized invite using our MailChimp Integration. Some attendees could be in different parts of the world. To make sure everyone gets to be a part of it, send the invite months in advance. Use MailChimp to send access codes to make it an exclusive event.

4. Choose an Ideal Ticketing System

Once you’ve planned the alumni event, you’ll need an event ticketing system to sell tickets online. Be it price-wise or feature-wise, Yapsody only has the best to offer. The attendees will reunite after a long time. Don’t ruin their experience by making them wait at the entry point. Give your attendees a seamless ticketing experience with our mobile apps. Validate your attendees in a jiffy and track real-time stats of the Alumni event using the YapsScan app. Whether the university is in Germany or Canada, you can create an Alumni event in multiple languages. Our online ticketing system supports 15 prominent languages so there’s no language barrier between you and your attendees. Make event ticketing absolutely free with our ‘Pass On Fees’ feature. Our feature lets you add the ticketing cost to the ticket price so you pay nothing.

5. Offer Discounts

No matter how successful your Alumni maybe, giving a good offer can always light up their faces. Before you announce the event online, plan some exciting offers that your Alumni can’t resist. You can roll out the early bird offers and discount coupons and promote it on social media. While your attendees enjoy the best deals, you can take advantage of our crazy offers, we’ve rolled out this holiday season so YOU can host your next Alumni event with ease. You can choose from the multiple offers and avail a 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

6. Promote the Alumni Meet

Promote your event on Social Media with Yapsody

Once your event is all planned, roll it out to the audience on social media. Alternatively, you can sign up with Yapsody and we’ll be happy to share the load for you. Once you’re a Yapsody event presenter, we share your events on our website for free. Moreover, your events get featured on our blogs and our social media profiles. That way, your attendees, no matter where they are, can view the Alumni event and buy tickets well in advance. While you promote your event online, don’t forget to reveal your offers and contests online. Use our integrated tool MailChimp to send out the Alumni invites directly to your attendee’s mailbox. Use popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach out to the Alumni. Not sure when to promote your event? Read our blog.

7. Food

Every Alumnus offers food and drinks. You can offer your attendees a different experience. Find out what the attendees of the alumni meet will prefer through our survey or what was the popular food during their batch. If they remember something special that everyone relished together, be it an In-N-Out burger or the pepperoni pizza, add that in the menu

8. Performances

Right time to promote your event

To make the class reunion extraordinary, talk to a few attendees much before the event. A few attendees can create a short performance for their friends. It could be a dance or a popular group song of their time. If anyone plays a musical instrument, let’s say guitar, you can have an on the spot jam up session with the popular hits of the era.

9. Organize Games & Activities

Every get together is fun when you organize games and activities with it. Organize games like guess the teacher or beer pong games. In the guess the teacher game, the attendees imitate their favorite teachers and the others guess the name. Entertain your attendees with a live band or a DJ who’ll play popular music that will take them back to the college days. Whether it is the “YMCA” or “Hotel California”, let your attendees bring back the nostalgia with great music and games.

10. Host a Sports Event

Basketball, Rugby or Football, pick your attendees’ favorite sport that they played during the college days and host a sports event. They could relive the olden days playing the match while their kids (if any) can be the cheerleaders at the event.

11. Create Memories

While your attendees will create new memories at this event, you can collect all the old pictures of the batch through your attendees to create a video. This video can be shared on a big screen at the event. You can also arrange a photo booth with appealing props so your attendees can create new memories and post them on social media.

12. Repeat the Graduation Ceremony

Bring On The Nostalgia: Organize an Alumni Meet in 13 steps

Let your attendees relive the traditional graduation ceremony. You can invite the teachers too and have a felicitation program for them. With graduation hats and gowns, you can take them back to the olden days. To honor them and thank your attendees, you can print out thank you certificates for taking time out and attending the event. In return, your attendees will thank you for putting up a great show.

13. Giveaway

To make this event a memorable one, giveaway party favors in the form of bottle openers, bags, t-shirts or mugs with the year you passed and the university name on it. Your party favor should be a daily use item that reminds them of your event even after a decade.

Bring the memories back to life and create a happening Alumni meet with a lot of memories to take home for you and your attendee. Sign up with Yapsody and avail our COVID Recovery Offer.

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