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Types Of Email Templates Every Event Planner Needs

Types Of Email Templates Every Event Planner Needs

Email templates and marketing newsletters are a cost-efficient way for event planners to keep a steady flow of communication in every stage of their event management. With standard email templates, event marketers can also cut short their time to start thinking from scratch and focus more on the execution. 

Few Reasons For Using Email Marketing for Your Events: 

  • Creates a pre-event and post-event engagement cycle with event attendees
  • Provides timely updates to your event attendees and potential audiences 
  • For  segmented email campaigns based on diverse audience personas 
  • Providing exclusive deals & discounts, or invite-only codes

With the right approach, you can choose from different types of newsletters and emails to create a recurring cycle of engagement with your event audience. 

Here Are Few Types Of Email Templates For Event Planners: 

1. The Pre-Buzz Email Template 

The Pre-buzz email template for events is a crucial one. Just like producing a teaser for your YouTube web series, this email template will help you create that first impression. When it comes to making your event stand out, first impressions can make a lasting impression. 

Your template could look something like this: 

Hey (Guest Name)

We’re happy to announce our monthly (Event Name) happening at (Location/Venue Name). More exciting details and event information will be shared with you in the coming weeks.


Stay Tuned and don’t forget to follow us on (Social Media Links)

In such cases, event branding becomes a crucial aspect for building a recall. So your brand’s logo, event imagery, event-related themes, and brand colors. have to be in sync for effective communication. 

Your brand’s language and tone need to be consistent across all platforms. It helps you convey the right message to your target audience. 

2. The Event Invitation 

The event invitation email template is probably the most used out of all. However, this could just double up as an extensive version of the Pre-Buzz Email template with more details on the event ticket prices, speakers, artist line-up, timings, and so on. 

The event or party invitation is a must-send email that will help improve your event conversions

Here Are Event Invitation Subject Lines That Could Boost Your Open Rates:

  • Hey [First Name], we’d love to have you at (Event Name)… 
  • [First Name], grab your early bird seats now. Valid For 24 Hours!  
  • Cancel all your plans for (Event name) on (Event Date)!!!
  • Meet (Artist/Speaker) at (Event Name)

3. Ticket Confirmation Email

A no-brainer, this is the email your guests and event attendees will immediately receive upon booking your event tickets or registering. It should be simple, easy-to-understand email content that includes all the necessary details required for attending your event successfully.  

A few elements that you could start off within the template are a Thank You note for buying the tickets, the event information, and their attached e-ticket.  

4. Reminders & Discount Email

Reminders and discounts email templates are a handy tool for selling out quickly. Apart from a quick sell-out it also helps bring back those who fell off in the initial conversion funnel of the pre-buzz and event invite phase of your email campaign. 

You send them a reminder a month earlier or maybe a few days before depending on the nature of the event. 

Here are a few subject lines that could compel them to go for it:

  • An exclusive offer only for {First Name]
  • [First Name], time is running out. Here’s our exclusive price just for you.
  • Don’t miss this chance to see [Artist] at [Event Name]
  • The last few tickets remain. [Event Name] is nearly sold out. 
  • Last chance to register for [Event Name]

5. Thank You & Feedback Email

As part of your post-event follow-up and best practices, a simple thank you mail to your event attendees for being a part of your event or show is a must-do. Taking this opportunity to thank and appreciate them, don’t forget to gather feedback from them. 

A simple post-event survey or feedback will give you an idea of what they thought about your event so that your upcoming events are optimized and planned better than ever. 

Pro-Tip: Give a glimpse of your upcoming events and repeat the whole cycle of starting off with your Pre-Buzz, Invitation, Confirmation, Reminders, Discounts, and Feedback. 

Email marketing templates are most effective when integrated into your daily campaigns. Our email marketing specialists deploy the right balance of creativity, patience, and persistence to get the pinpointed results. Learn more about our email marketing services and how you can make the most out of them.

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