Improving Conversions Effectively For Your Event Ticketing

Improving Conversions Effectively For Your Event Ticketing

After all, is said and done, if the event tickets don’t sell out well before showtime, it can be a bit of a letdown for event organizers and hospitality venue owners. No matter how well you work your way around event management or branding, there might still be elements you can optimize or improve for better conversions and ticketing booking potential. 

Here’s How You Can Improve Conversions For Your Event Ticketing:

1. Enhance Your Event SEO

Before you start marketing your event, it’s crucial to enhance your event visibility through our inbuilt SEO functionality. Updating all your SEO elements such as meta title, description, and meta tags can help you optimize and trigger your events to appear on top of the search results, organically.

  • Whichever keywords you use in your meta title have to also appear in your event page content for maximum optimization.
  • Stick to the event theme while using trigger keywords your potential audience is most likely to search for
  • Make your summary keyword-rich and informative so that potential audiences are compelled to click and land on your events page. 

Pro-Tip: While using Google Analytics to set up your conversion funnels, you can set up your Organic Traffic Report for real-time updates and understand what’s working and what’s not. 

Before creating your event pages ready to go for marketing, you may even use Google Search Console to understand new and effective ranking keywords that boost your event SEO. 

2. Optimize Your Subject Lines

Once you’re live with your event page, it’s obvious that you’d want your event visibility to be fueled by strategic email marketing. Email marketing is an organic pull marketing technique that can help improve your event conversion cycle. You need to use personalization and keep your subject lines clear, simple, direct, and intriguing.

You need to optimize subject line variations for distinct stages of your event marketing cycles such as:

  • Invitation-Based Subject Lines
  • Discount & Packages Subject Lines
  • Post & Pre-Event Feedback Subject Lines

3. Use Visual Communication

Whether it’s your website or customized E-ticket, make sure you’re resorting to visually rich forms of content marketing for that perfect brand appeal and recall. A majority of event attendees are heavily influenced by event themes, brand colours, textures, and visually rich communication

For instance, dark mode is one of the top branding and communication trends in recent years, which should be taken into consideration while crafting your promotional emails.

4. Segment Your Audience Persona’s

Segmentation of your audience based on accumulated data and insights will help you personalize your emails better. If you’re a freelance event organizer, chances are that you hold multiple types of events at different venues. An audience for a live concert may differ from that of a conference and similarly their choices for indoor or outdoor venues. Segmenting your audience personas into distinct lists will help you customize your marketing communication strategy and help win conversions. 

5. Smart Placement Of CTA’s

When you are trying to persuade audiences to purchase, strategically place and highlight CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons in your mailers, website, offer page, and event pages. Highlight the event time, location, ticket cost, venue, and safety protocols in place to make their decision-making easier.

New Leads

Don’t forget to include at least one, and a prominent CTA button. Hyperlink the CTA(s) to the right landing or registration page that has a provision to purchase event tickets or download useful resources. 

6. A/B Test Your Hotspots

Following all the best practices and optimization tricks but your attendees still not having a great experience while booking tickets? A/b test your website or landing pages for further optimization. It could be a simple design flaw or a content element causing a hindrance to easy conversion. Check out 5 CRO Trends for 2021 that will help improve your strategy for the better.

Now that you know how to improve your conversion cycle, don’t forget to sign up with Yapsody and boost your sales.

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