Planning A Soul-Stirring Pub Crawl in Your City

Planning A Soul-Stirring Pub Crawl in Your City

Attending a pub crawl or bar hopping with your friends and colleagues can be one of those nights that can be absolutely legendary or downright chaotic. No matter what the outcome, the journey and a trail of drunken Instagram stories are what matters. 

And for someone who’s planning a soul-stirring pub crawl, it’s essential to get the basics right. Especially when the event agenda is organized drinking. Period.  

If you’re an event planner, pub owner, or hospitality venue here’s how you can plan smart, manage it closely, and expect the unexpected.

1. Choose Your Venues & Routes

Choose your pubs and bars carefully and give their venue owner a heads-up in advance. You’d want pubs that have a cult-like following and have a great space to accommodate your group. Make sure you have an event venue checklist in place that lists all the entry and exit routes. 

Pro Tip: Your first and last pub should have great food to go with all that booze. You need to plan for food early on and when the crawl is coming to an end.

2. Establish Your Party Size & Duration

Pub crawls are best suited for smaller groups of 10-15 people that are easily manageable. Don’t try to go for an all-nighter if amateurs are involved. A 4-5 hours pub crawl should be good enough to avoid letting people burn out faster. 

Better yet, learn more about your Audience Preferences for Restaurants & Pubs to help you understand their inclinations towards group sizes and party durations.

3. Find A Sponsor 

If you’re a pub owner, you can connect with one of the major alcohol brands to sponsor your pub crawls. If not that, as an event presenter you can pitch to companies that offer on-demand pick up and drops for all your crawlers. It’s always a great idea to partner with a sponsor that elevates your event marketing efforts. 

Here’s how you can go about Generating Event Sponsorships Exposure to uplift your brand value and event engagement.

4. Set The Expectations Straight 

Once you’ve figured out all the finer details, it’s important to set a few ground rules in place. It’s important to communicate details such as ticket prices, meeting points, emergency contacts, rules, venues, dress codes prior to your event day. 

Pro-Tip: Start by Creating an Impressive Event Page For Your Brand that lists out all the possible expectations and outcomes of the pub crawl in detail.

5. Pick A Theme 

Themes are a great way to create uniformity in your event but are not necessary. Set your expectations early when you set up your events on our event ticketing platform. With our Online Ticket Store, customize the look and feel of what your pub crawl theme is about to be. Thirsty Thursdays or Frisky Fridays anyone? 

Chances are you might be running dry for ideas. Why not check out these 10 Food & Drink  Themes To Get Inspired By.

6. Set Up Access Codes

Pub crawls are events that are very exclusive and involves a close-knit group of people. However, you may have super-busy attendees who might not turn up to the crawl until the group reaches the third pub. 

Create ease of entry for them by creating an invite-only entry. So, no matter how late they turn up, with our Invite-Only Access Codes you make them feel more like a VIP and less like a gate crasher.

7. When the Spirits Start To Soar 

Let’s admit it. After a few shots and pints, emotions start flying all over the place and the vibes can get heated. Some might want to sit at the counter and order the bartender to whip up another margarita. 

It’s in these moments that you need to figure out if you need to step in or let them be for a few more minutes. Have a schedule but be flexible. As long as they handle themselves well, you’re good.

8. Don’t Forget to Eat 

A no-brainer really. Don’t forget to eat before you drink and don’t forget to make your event attendees eat a good dinner at the end of your pub crawl. Provided that they haven’t been mixing their liquor, food will keep them steady and finish the pub crawl successfully.

9. Hashtag Your Pub Crawl 

Chances are that people in your pub crawl will get blackout drunk and not have a single memory of it. You should market the best bits by creating an event hashtag that your patrons can leverage to document their shots and moments. For a generation that lives for nights they can’t remember, social media always comes to the rescue.

Our event ticketing platform is preferred by pub owners and event presenters worldwide for creating amazing events and selling its tickets online. Just in case you needed another reason to SIGN UP with Yapsody.

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