Ways to Use Offers and Discount to Retain Customer Attention!

Ways to Use Offers and Discount to Retain Customer Attention!

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Customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition.  You should invest and work just as hard to retain your current customers not just because they are a recurring stream of event revenue for you but because they also help you to acquire new customers. By using Yapsody’s online event ticketing system, you are giving your customers the incentive to purchase tickets without paying any ticketing fee; but wouldn’t it be nice if you could also reward them for being a fan, follower, or existing customer?

Awarding exclusive loyalty discount coupon to your loyal customers is the easiest way to encourage recurring ticket sales to future events. Even small figures like 10% or $2 discounts on the base ticket price can make a big difference in your ticket sales graph.

You can share your loyalty discount coupon through email blasts via MailChimp, Facebook posts, Tweets and word of mouth to your social fans and followers, friends and family members of your staff and, most importantly, the customers who attended your last event.

Yapsody provides a wide selection of discount types that you can apply to your events. You can click here to explore the 5 different types of discounts for your events.

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