Yapsody Feature Cluster: Event Marketing & Branding

Yapsody Feature Cluster: Event Marketing & Branding

With Yapsody, your event ticketing journey starts by building up your personal domain and branches out further into personalizing every element that makes your brand stand out through organic marketing solutions. You can…

Customize, Optimize, & Integrate For Enhanced Brand Visibility!

As your ticketing partner, you will never have to settle with event management and revenue generation. With decades of experience in helping event entities overcome their marketing and engagement challenges, we’ve ingrained those solutions to the forefront of your ticketing interface. 

Building Your Brand 

Each event brings with it it’s own persona. With our brand-building features, every event persona will be distinct from each other and shine through on social media.

  • Online Store Customization

Your Online Ticket Store is a branded online ticketing subdomain that can be branded via –  color palette, background, widgets, social media profiles, videos, and even a link back to your own website while showcasing all your events in 15 global languages. Your online ticketing portal makes the booking process seamless yet immersive through your enterprise’s brand elements.

  • Ticket Customization

Your ticket design reflects your brand identity and shouldn’t be restricted to a ticket provider’s bland formats. Your one-way ticket to boosting your brand and event persona – add illustrations, brand logos, advertisements, upcoming events, sponsor logos, or choose from pre-designed templates to ensure that creative touch. Our Ticket Customization feature gives your creative freedom an outlet to let your brand shine. 

  • Multi-Language Support

Customize your online ticket store in your preferred language and target the right audience with 15 prominent languages to choose from such as English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Swedish, and many more.

Enhance Event Visibility

Boring event pages and descriptions shouldn’t hamper your brand presence and event visibility. Your ticketing store design and marketing efforts go hand in hand with our website and event marketing integrations. 

  • SEO For Events

There are plenty of competitor events out there which means you need to stay on top of Google’s search results with our in-built optimization tools for maximum visibility and ticket sales. Optimize and trigger your events to appear on top of the search results, organically without spending a single dime.

  • Website Integrations

The ticket buying journey takes a seamless turn when you can integrate your online ticketing into your WordPress or WIX website and also use Widgets to redirect them to your online ticket store. 

  • Email Marketing Integration

Stay connected with your attendees by promoting upcoming events, sending invites, reminders, newsletters, and real-time updates. Reach out to relevant audiences and promote your upcoming events in a jiffy with a leading email marketing integration like Mailchimp.

  • Event Tracking & Analytics 

With on-demand Google Analytics Integration and Facebook Pixel Trackingthere’s plenty you can do with this data. Know exactly where your potential customers dropped off in their buying cycle and create marketing strategies to ensure they pick up where they left off.

Now, having said all that we understand how time-consuming event management and event marketing can be. So much so, many miss the crucial part of marketing their events right. For those who can’t be bothered to look into it, our marketing suite of services has been tailor-made precisely for you. Sit back, organize your events, and let our marketing specialists market your events for you.

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