SEO For Events – Getting Ranked Better On Search Engines

SEO For Events – Getting Ranked Better On Search Engines

Promoting events with the right marketing techniques can increase your event’s visibility and bring in relevant audiences. If not done right, there are chances your event could go unnoticed. 

If you are an event presenter or hospitality venue looking to enhance your event visibility to the maximum audience, you’re at the right place. This blog will give you that much-needed insight into what SEO is and how you can use our functionality – SEO for Events to enhance event visibility online.

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization, simply put, is a marketing technique of optimizing the content on your webpage to increase the quality and quantity of traffic, thereby improving your rankings in the results of Google’s search engine results page. Consult with our SEO experts to learn more about a tailor-made strategy to suit your brand.

Why SEO?

It amplifies the visibility of your event to a larger and more relevant audience. When done right, correct SEO techniques can get you on the first page of the search engine results thereby improving your chances of potential attendees landing on your Online Ticket Store

To get your events ranked higher on the search engine results, you’ll need to know the key factors to work on. With Yapsody, Search Engine Optimization For Your Event Page, things are much easier with these tips below.

Here Are Top SEO Parameters For Getting Ranked Better:

  • Title 

This is the first thing that gets displayed in the search engine results so consider it to be the heading. The keywords you add in your title should also appear in your event page’s content, meta description, and URL for maximum optimization. Keep it relevant to the event theme, while ensuring that it contains the kind of keywords your potential audience is most likely to search for. 

Keep the title length less than 60 characters because titles having more than 60 characters are truncated by Google and shown with an ellipsis (…) at the end of the title. Let’s say your casino is hosting a performance by Sir Mix-a-Lot, the title should be “Sir Mix-A-Lot tickets LIVE at Sycuan Casino – El Cajon, California”.

  • Meta Description 

The meta description is a short summary of your page that will be displayed in your search result which has to be keyword-rich, informative, and eye-catching to compel your attendees to click on it. Keep it less than 160 characters as Google will most likely truncate it if it exceeds the limit. 

Write a creative meta description to intrigue attendees while being specific with your keywords and include them at the beginning of the description. 

For instance, your keywords are ‘buy tickets’ and ‘The Stylistics’,  your meta description should look something like this – ‘Buy tickets for The Stylistics. Watch them perform LIVE at Sycuan Casino, El Cajon, CA this July. Tickets on Yapsody’.

  • Choose the Right Keywords

By now you know the significance of using the right keywords and what role they play in page ranking and overall event visibility. That being said, keywords are ranked based on relevance. Hence, choose your keywords carefully with the relevancy and search habits of your attendees in mind. 

Let’s say the legendary Charley Pride is performing live at your casino and your casino happens to be located at Walker, MN. For this event, ‘upcoming events’, ‘Charley Pride’, ‘Walker, MN’ and ‘casino events’ are some of the relevant keywords that will reap your visibility.

In the simplest of terms, SEO increases the “organic” or “free” reach of your event page and reaches out to a larger potential audience. With more attendees, you can accelerate online ticket sales. In the end, happy attendees = happy you.

Our inbuilt event ticketing functionality – SEO for events is undisputed for event marketers and venue owners wanting to enhance their visibility in the digital landscape, especially those who wish to attract the right audiences to boost their ticket sales. Sign up now to make your events stand out and perform as they should.

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