Widgets – Event Promotion Tools For Event Presenters

Widgets – Event Promotion Tools For Event Presenters


We realized it was high time you stopped experimenting with useless techniques to promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, and virtually every other social media platform that you can think of. Honestly, having a ten-line instruction set to guide your audience to your online ticket store is definitely not working because nowadays, people don’t even read their medical reports that sincerely. It doesn’t matter how rich or witty your content is – if it’s not a click away, it’s no good, anyway! To overcome this major blunder, Yapsody decided to come up with Widgets to make social media promotion a lot easier.


Yapsody offers you two essential widgets that are very effective and make event promotion look like a cakewalk:

  1. Text Link Widget: You can have a text link that can be shared in your Facebook posts, your tweets, or your blogs. This is a direct hyperlink to your event details.
  2. Button Widget: Yapsody generates a source code for you to integrate on your official site. This way, you can have a customized button on your website to link to your event instead of boring text URLs.


Once you’ve set up an event at Yapsody, you just need to follow these simple steps to get your Widgets:

• Click on the Event you wish to share, the details of which will be displayed on the right hand side.

• Click on “Edit” on the top-right corner.

• The Events Summary will open by default. Select the “Widgets” option.

• From the two options of Text Link and Button Widgets, select whichever you want to use.

• When you select


Click on “Generate Code”. Use this code across social media platforms and anyone who clicks it will be redirected to Yapsody to buy event tickets.


Click on “Generate Code”. Your Development Team should use this code to integrate the button on your official website.


Well, this section is as useless as the techniques you’ve been playing around with to get a better grip on your social media promotions. Of course, the answer is – NOW! If you have an event and want to go about promoting it, go ahead and use those widgets to make things a lot easier for you. After all, why would we have them in the first place if they didn’t help our presenters? So, stop fidgeting and start widgeting right away!

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