Checklist to Sell Event Tickets online

Checklist to Sell  Event Tickets online

Selling ticket takes a lot of effort and time. However, if you have a proper system in place, it very much simplifies your job and increases your ticket sales. Take a look at your Online Ticketing System.

Online Ticket Store

Do you have a customised ticketing page? Using sub-domain to customise your event ticketing page makes sure that people first land at your ticketing page. Name your sub-domain after the organization rather than the event. Yapsody’s Online Ticket Store gives an uncomplicated ticketing experience. To change Online Store Sub-domain, go to your Box Office, and select ‘Setting’. In the ‘Sub-domain’ section, click ‘Change’ and enter the new sub-domain.

Social Media Integration

With strong presence of users on social media, promoting your events will give you a good coverage of your event. However, first check if you have a proper Social Media Integration tool. You can directly create an event on Facebook and Twitter. Or, you can use the two Widgets Feature provided by Yapsody.

Text Link Widget: With this feature, you can share event details on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can generate a code and share it on social media. On clicking it, users will be taken to Yapsody to purchase tickets.

Button Widget: This lets you share your event details on your official website. Using Button Widget, you can generate a source code. Integrate this code on your site and get a buy button.

Must Haves in your Ticket

Having an event name is a must. It is your title that suggests what the event is about. With a catchy event title, attract more people and improve your Google search ranking.

Give as much detail as you can while giving event description in the description section, the more information you share, the more interests you invoke.

There should be a slot to create multiple ticket types and add pricings, which can be disabled or renamed.

With Yapsody’s Customise Menu, you can design your ticket by adding images and videos to make it visually appealing. Apart from the main event image slot, there are options to add more images which will get displayed at the Event Detail Page of your Online Ticket Store.

Adding event location with a map on your e-ticket saves a lot of time. Yapsody provides two ways to add location – Using Account Settings and While Event Creation. You can add multiple locations for multiple events; enter address and select time-zone. There’s a checkbox too if you want to display map on your online store.

Payment Method

For all the efforts you have put into, ensure that you get paid. You do it by having best and convenient payment options. At Yapsody, customers can make payment either by Credit Cards or PayPal. You can also create your own custom payment mode. Then, there’s choice of making combined payment, where a maximum of two payment methods can be combined for a single transaction.

Sign up now and start selling event tickets online. Yapsody supports 170+ currencies and over 10 payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, WePay, and more for you to choose from.  If you’re an event presenter looking for that competitive edge and sell event tickets online,  get a flat 40% off on your ticketing fees by using our COVID Recovery Offer –  COVID19-RECOVERY40

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