Checklist for Planning a Successful Fundraising Event

Checklist for Planning a Successful Fundraising Event

Fundraising events have been a tried and tested method for raising money for non-profit events and organizations. However, this is not to say that every fundraising event ever organized has been successful in its objective of raising money for a charitable cause. If not done right, a not for profit fundraiser can backfire, leaving your organization in debt instead of generating surplus funds. The two key areas of focus for a successful fundraising event are the event planning process and event promotion. Giving people something they’d want to step out of their homes for and spreading the word so that it percolates through your target audience are non-negotiable.

Here is a checklist for planning a successful fundraising event that will help you do just that:

Set Goals

The success of your fundraising event rides on having a clearly defined objective of what you want to accomplish through it. So, the first important step is to set specific and tangible goals. For example, if the fundraiser is being organized to build a shelter for homeless kids, it’s best to first quantify the cost of the project and set the goal for your fundraiser accordingly.

Identify Your Target Audience

The event management team working on your fundraiser – be it members from within your organization or a group of professionals – must first identify the target audience and plan the nature of the event and types of activities accordingly.

Chalk Out a Budget

A crucial aspect of budgeting is to analyze your organization’s financial resources and establish the kind of event you can put together within those means. Factor in different costs such as venue, decorations, activities, food and refreshment, prizes, advertising and promotions, etc. and then tweak them as per your budget. While it is not advisable to overstretch the budget of a fundraising event, constraining it too much can also prove counter-productive.

Be Smart about Cost Cutting

If you need to cut the cost of the event, you must do it smartly. Compromising on food, venue, or activities to cut costs can kill the spark altogether. Instead, look around for lucrative deals and collaborations. For instance, Yapsody offers a 50 percent rebate on tickets sold by non-profit organizations. This can be a great way to earn extra revenue on your ticket sales to supplement your existing budget. Similarly, you can club your fundraiser with corporate events to cut the cost of logistics.

Seek Donations

If you find yourself falling short of funds and resources despite cutting costs, do not hesitate in reaching out to your target audience for donations. You can do so by either setting up a parallel campaign for donations or clubbing it with your fundraiser promotions and ticket sales. Learn more about adding an Accept Donations button on your event ticketing interface. 

Put Together an Exciting Event

In the end, it all boils down to the show you put up on the final day. Rope in an event planner or get inputs from professional event organizers on popular fundraising trends that draw crowds and put together a series of fun, exciting activities that’ll motivate your target audience to spend their time at your event and make monetary contributions too.

Spread the Word

With your fundraising event planned down to the last detail, the only thing left for you to do is spread the word like wildfire. Social media, online promotions, pamphlets, word of mouth publicity, local newsletters, and email marketing are some great tools for event promotion.

Insights, planning and smart execution are the keys to putting together a successful fundraising event. With a little preparation and some hard work, you can pull it off with a great plan.

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