10 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Charity Event

10 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Charity Event

Fundraising for Nonprofit organizations has always been about building relationships, finding ways to serve the community and working towards a cause. Non-Profit Organizations have their own set of challenges like planning a fundraiser event, strenuous budgets and lack of volunteers to name a few.

Are you looking for nonprofit fundraising ideas for a cause you’re dearly passionate about? Is your firm struggling to meet annual or monthly fundraising goals? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of quick and unique fundraising ideas that can help you reach your funding goals while also having a great time at your next fundraising event.

1. Fancy Themed Party

Organize a fun dress-up party with popular themes, like The Great Gatsby. Use social media to promote your fundraising event so your cause will reach a wider audience. Who doesn’t love a themed party?

2. Exhibition

Exhibitions attract the right target audience and have a high likelihood of selling out. For example, you can hold a competition asking amateur photographers to send their work. Give it a deadline and set rules. Offer a reward to the best photographer of the lot. Once you have all the photographs in place, organize an exhibition with entrance fees, showcase their work, have a panel decide the best artwork and declare a winner. We have a win-win situation for both along with support for our cause.

3. Host a Community party

Organizing a party for your community, neighborhood or town are one of the fun ways to raise money for your event. It could even be in the form of a fun pool party. Get reasonably priced food arranged or offer your community members the option to put up food stalls on a profit-sharing basis. This is a great way to get your community to support your cause.

4. Organize a Cook-off Show

Another way to fundraise your event is to attract more donors by creating something everyone is passionate about. If you’re not sure about how to raise funds for the next event, food is the way to go. A fun and engaging cook-off will not only drive masses to your event but will receive social media attention as well. To begin with, organize a cook-off for stay-at-home mums, newly married couples, or any group of people who love cooking. Visitors get to taste each dish at a fair price.

5. Host a Sports week

Sports week is one of the fun ways to engage with large audiences and raise funds for your fundraising event at the same time. Chalk out a plan for each day activity, ensuring participants have multiple games and sports activities to keep them entertained. An entry fee can be charged each day, with options of food and drink add-ons. Apart from games, you can also organize side-events like betting on the winner to raise extra funds.

6. Host a Food Festival

This is one of my favorite fundraising ideas because food is always a great way to bring people together. Host a multicultural food festival and invite different communities to cook and sell their local cuisine. This can be accompanied by fun activities like talent shows and games that will keep your audience entertained throughout the event.

7. Community Yard Sale

Yard sales are one of the best fundraising ideas as the items sold in such events can generate high revenue. Events like these help bring the community closer while also helping them get rid of items they don’t need. However, before organizing such an event, it is important to urge your community to donate maximum items for a good cause.

8. Gaming event for kids

It’s 2019. The kids of today love digital toys and games. Contact toy companies and check if they would like to showcase their products. These tech toys will not only amaze little children but will also help to fundraise for a cause. Again, a win-win.

9. Host a musical event with dinner

 Organize a classical or smooth jazz musical evening show along with a buffet dinner or a-la-carte. Considering your audience would be working professionals, what better than some soothing music and good food after work hours.

10. Host a Beer party

You can set up multiple beer stalls and support your cause by getting beer lovers to donate at the fundraising event. Host drinking games that will keep your audience engaged and entertained throughout. In fact, you can put up donation buckets along with beer buckets as a fun method to collect donations.

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