New Year Resolutions For Event Organizers

New Year Resolutions For Event Organizers

Ideally, I should begin with statistics of how many people make resolutions every year and how many actually end up living up to them, but I don’t really think that would’ve made sense. Why? Because we’re not talking about just normal people with unrealistic goals here, we’re talking about event planners who make dreams come true on a day-to-day basis. So, since we’re going to make New Year resolutions this year, too, why not go back to the basics to be better?


In this profession, everybody is trying to be the best, but nobody really reaches there. But, you do get to improve at every step of the way and, if nothing else, you can always be a better version of what you are. No matter how big or small an event is, you will be able to find out at least one place where you screwed up and one point where you completely nailed it. The key is to keep learning, whether it is from your mistakes or others’ experiences. Take up challenging events, read blogs and articles, attend events and make a mental note of how they are getting things done and don’t be afraid to try out something new. For all you know, it might end up being your “thing”.


If you’re an event planner, you are very well aware of what the balance is. You are struggling to meet an immoveable deadline, you are living off planners and coffee, and you have just ceased any possible contact with your personal life – family, friends, or your own self. That’s pretty much every event planner’s life summed up. Though, that’s not how it is supposed to be. Incorporate activities for your physical and mental health into your schedule and this might mean relying on your team members for a little more work, but you have to stop obsessing and trust them. Let go off the unnecessary stress because even though it comes with the job profile, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s unnecessary. If you have to strike the balance, you have to give that perspective of yours a little twist.


Events that just come and go like a wind aren’t probably what you should be opting for when you’re trying to build yourself professionally. Sign up for events that let you engage with your audience. You can also try high end events like Live Music Events & Casino Events to switch your niche. Most importantly, though, learn to say NO. It’s an innate quality of an event planner to accommodate everything that comes his way. Even when your schedule is packed and you have a lot on your plate, you would still take up a job you’re not even interested in for a very less fee just because you can’t turn down a client or a colleague. Trust me (you will, because you have experienced this at some point yourself), you’ll only regret this later because not only will you get nothing from this particular event, you might also mess up other important jobs because of extra stress.


Not just because 94% of the event planners are doing it, but because it’ll really lift a great deal of load off your shoulders. Try building an event mobile app because that’s a really effective way to improve connectivity with today’s generation who don’t look ahead of their smartphones (quite literally). Refer to the Event App Bible for getting a deeper-than-the-Marian-trench deep insight into the market.


This might sound really crazy, but when you’re setting up and event and getting people to register, there are two times when you make “the first impression”. I say so because both these times, the impression that you leave is going to be equally important. First is when you’re getting people on your website and wanting them to register for the event i.e. online registration. Second is when your attendees are queuing up outside the gates of your venue and the situation becomes simply chaotic i.e. onsite registration. Focus on both these aspects equally.


It’s a fact that can be repeated a million times and it still won’t stop making sense – this is a highly competitive industry. But, that shouldn’t stop you from achieving what you’ve always wanted. If you’ve had your eyes on a client since a long time, work on a hundred ways of landing him. The only way to reach your goals is to go and get them.


Don’t just aim to break even. For every event you do, make sure you’re working towards selling your event ticket entirely. Every event is different, and there’s no foolproof way to ensure that you end up selling out each one using the same formula, but keep reading and gathering tips that you can try out. At the same time, devise your own ways of working around all these events in order to get to a point where you can say, “Sorry, we’re out of tickets!”


Though it sounds scary, starting your own company all by yourself can be a life-changing decision for you. It’ll require a lot of thinking and business planning, but starting off something of your own can help you solidify those ideas that have just been floating around in your head while you were living someone else’s dream.


Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re working for someone else or are your own boss, you’re going to have a team under you who’ll be looking up to you for inspiration. Always motivate your team members – appreciate them when they do something good, and when they don’t, remind them of the times they did.


These aren’t definitive goals that you need to stick on your bathroom mirror; these are outlines of the realistic goals that you’re going to bind with timelines and numbers and actually work to achieve them. All the best in your endeavors and a very Happy New Year, y’all!

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