10 Commandments For An Event Manager

10 Commandments For An Event Manager

Sleepless nights, consecutive meetings and constant stress become a part of your life when you decide to step into the event industry. While planning, organizing and selling tickets online will be the core function of your profile, setting a few rules can make your journey easy and sustainable. Are you all set to win a million hearts and become the most successful event manager of the year? We’ve got the 10 commandments that will change every event manager’s life.

1. Set Forth a Vision
Whether you recently joined the events industry or you’re an expert at planning and managing events, having a vision always helps you in generating high ROI from your events. The best way to do this is to visualize the future and realize what will be required to get there. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What should be the net worth of your events businesses after 5 years?
  • What is the goal of every event?
  • How are you planning to achieve it?

2. Self Learning
Every person you meet in the events industry will teach you something. Self-learning is the best way to improve yourself. Be it through attending workshops, reading books or watching videos, always work on improving your skills. Some of us learn through mistakes and to err is human. Learn from your experience and make sure you apply it while planning your next event.

3. Focus on the Experience
Attendees look for experiences. One bad experience can hamper all the efforts and hard work you’ve put in to make this event successful. Once your brand reputation is affected, changing your attendee’s perception is the most challenging task. Be it a ticketing experience or the overall environment at the event, make sure you pay attention to every minute detail. Being a ticketing service provider, Yapsody offers our event presenter’s attendees a seamless ticketing experience. We also provide 24/7 chat support on your online ticket store, thereby helping your ticket purchasers with any queries they have about the event, tickets or the venue. From selling tickets online to validating them instantly, we ensure your attendees face no issues whatsoever.

4. Build & Maintain Relationship
If you’re an event presenter reading this, you’d already know how important it is to build new and maintain your existing relationship with your stakeholders. It’s like working in a team. Each stakeholder has a role to play at every event. From logistics, decorator to the caterer, you’ve got to value each one and compliment them for the services they offer.

5. Open to Feedback
So you’ve got feedback from your team to change the caterer due to the bad service and their ridiculous charges. But because of your rigid behavior, you decide not to make any changes. The result is, you end up losing your team and the attendees’ experience is affected too. Instead, when you’re open to feedback, be it from your team, stakeholders or your attendees, you’ll consider each one and work out a way to improve and make your events better.

6. Stay Alert
Keep your ears and eyes open. What we mean is that you need to stay alert when you’re in the event industry. As you meet your stakeholders or attend workshops, find out which ticketing companies offer good deals. Government laws keep changing from time to time, look out for the changes in the laws, so you don’t end up paying a penalty.

7. Be Innovative
We agree there’s a lot that goes into organizing an event. However, if you’re doing the same thing everyone else is doing, what makes you different? Whether it means to come up with unique invitation ideas or creative themes for your next Halloween event, be innovative in your approach. Setting yourself apart is not always easy. Take inspiration from our blogs. We’ve written numerous blogs on ideas and themes for Halloween, Christmas, party games ideas and guides to host events like concerts, Oktoberfest. etc.

8. Keep Yourself Updated
The event industry is changing significantly. Keeping up with time is a must for every event presenter. Read about the latest event trends, gadgets, promotional tools and event technology through blogs and books. If reading puts you off to sleep, you can watch YouTube videos on the latest trends and keep yourself updated. At the same time, don’t just read it and let it fade away. When you learn about new technology, find ways to include it, especially if it will change your attendees’ experience or if it saves you time. A perfect example is our mobile apps. Attendees don’t need to wait in long queues as the YapScan scans and validates each attendee in no time. Apart from saving you time, it also offers a great event ticketing experience to your attendees at every event.

9. Connect With your Attendees
Attendees are the reason why the event industry is thriving today. While you focus on giving them the best experience, don’t forget them once the event is over. Whether you’re organizing an event or not, connect with your attendees through personalized emails. After every event, appreciate them for making it to the event. Take a post-event feedback to understand what went well and what can be improved. Your loyal fans can go a long way to promote your event if you’ve established a good rapport with them. Just like your attendees help you spread the word, so do we. At Yapsody, we take your event promotion seriously. We share them on our social media profiles and blogs along with buy tickets link to direct your attendees to the online store. Not just that, you can post your events on our website using our premium event listing feature.

10. Stay Positive
‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’, that applies to you when you have a tough time and the end result is not what you expected. Failures are a part of every industry and this one is no different. Even if you don’t receive a great response to a few of your events, don’t let that stop you from creating more events. Find out the reason as to why it didn’t work for you. At the end of the day, if you’re not positive about your vision, your team won’t be either.

While you follow these commandments to the tee, offer your attendees a great ticketing experience. If you’re looking for great features at an affordable price, Yapsody is the right ticketing system for you. We are a global leading event ticketing company that believes in empowering our event presenters regardless of whether it’s a start-up or an established enterprise. So, are you planning an event this holiday season? Use our holiday season offers and avail a flat 25% off on your ticketing fees. Sign up NOW!

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