How To Promote Theatre Shows: 8 Theater Event Marketing Strategies

How To Promote Theatre Shows: 8 Theater Event Marketing Strategies

Be it Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Cinderella’s “The Little Glass Slipper”, live enactments are always entertaining to watch. A drama connects with the audience through emotions, makes them laugh, cry and have a great time. Luckily, you have multiple resources to market your theater event today. While most of you are already doing it, we share with you 8 powerful ways to effectively promote your theatre events and shows.

1. Social Media

Social Platforms That Event Presenter Can Avoid
A full house on the first night of your drama is every event presenter’s dream. To achieve it, create a buzz about your drama on social media. You can create a small video introducing the performers of your drama and add it to Instagram and Facebook stories. Or, simply create a trailer of your drama as they do it for movies. Roll out contests, offer freebies and discounted tickets using our discount feature on social media platforms. You can share the same video on multiple social media platforms to reach out to new audiences. At Yapsody, we share your events on our social media profile so that your event is visible to our audience, helping you get more attendees for your event. Create your event with Yapsody, we’ll share your event right away. You simply have to fill up our form with your event details to get started.

2. Premium Event Listing

With increasing competition in the theatre industry, you have to constantly look for ways to stand out of the crowd. Whether it is through a unique story or using a different method to promote your event, set yourself apart. List your theatre events with Yapsody through our premium event listing feature. This feature lets you display your theatre events on our website, so our site visitors and loyal audience get to know about your theatre events. If you’re targeting a sold-out status, we can together deliver better results for your theatre event through our premium event listing.

3. SEO

With the event industry digitalized, everything is available on your fingertips. SEO makes finding all the information about your shows easy. To ensure your events show up before your competitors, you need to use SEO hacks and tricks. It means optimizing the content on your website, so your event is displayed when your target audience is looking for upcoming theatre events in their area. The three main SEO parameters to focus on are the title, the meta description and the content. To get displayed on the first page of google search engine results, you need to add keywords that people use to search theatre events. To know more, read our blog – “Get your Event Ranked First on Search Engine”.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing
If your drama has a beautiful story, go on and promote it using our MailChimp integration. With email marketing, you can personalize your emails and send them directly to your attendees’ inbox. Send out your performance-related details in the form of an invite to your attendees. For a change, you can also connect with your audience with a background story and a few images of your act so you create an urge and excitement to see the drama. This excitement is sure to lure them to visit the theatre and witness the magic. One disadvantage of email marketing is that if you don’t use the right email marketing strategy your emails can land up in the spam or trash. To know more, read our detailed blog on effective email marketing tips.

5. Blogs

Blogs are a great way of promoting your event. They give your audience an idea about the artists and what your drama is all about. If you want to attract more attendees, you could either write your own blog about what the performances offer the audience. You can also have a professional blogger write about the artists and a little history about your company. We at Yapsody, feature your theatre events on our blogs, so the visitors can view your events and book them through the buy tickets link we offer. This link leads them directly to your landing page. If you want your theatre event to get featured, all you need to do is sign up with Yapsody and create your event. Our blogs are shared on different channels online like Pinterest, Medium and Tumblr, so your theatre events can become popular and reach out to a larger audience. See how your events get featured in our blogs here. “Top 20 Holiday Season Events Across the US in 2019

6. Flyers

Despite the digitalization in the events industry, people still prefer traditional methods of promotion due to its effectiveness. If you have multiple performances lined up, you can give out informative flyers of the theatre event at the end of the current event. Before you give out flyers, remember not to use a blanket approach for all theatre events. Let’s say, for example, if you’re hosting a romantic drama and your target audience is between the age group of 18 to 45, you can give out flyers outside the college, theatres, and cafes. To ensure your flyers don’t end up in the trash, you can mention a coupon code that your attendees can use while booking the tickets online. Here’s an example of a flyer, we used for our holiday season offers.

7. Banners

Do you want the occasional attendees to become regulars at your theatre event? Get their attention through banners. They are large and easily visible to people while traveling to work or going shopping. Place banners of the performance across the city on public transport like buses, trains and metros so people see it everywhere. You can also play drama trailers on the big screens of the skyscrapers highlighting the storyline of your drama. that way, your drama is on their mind and they can attend it with their friends or family on the weekend or on a romantic date.

8. Radio Ad

People listen to the radio while traveling to the office, gyming or during a jog. An interview with the director and the artists of drama on air before the actual event can make a lot of difference to your sales numbers. Alternatively, you can go for radio ads as they are very effective in attracting new attendees. The radio jockeys know exactly how to create excitement and get potential attendees to watch your drama.

Whether you promote your events on social media or through email marketing, plan an effective marketing strategy to drive attendees. Are you looking to promote your event and sell tickets online? Create your event with Yapsody now and avail our COVID-19 Recovery offers to get a flat 40% off on your event ticketing fees. Sign up Now!

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