Event Ticketing Features That Are Best Suited For Theaters

Event Ticketing Features That Are Best Suited For Theaters

With Yapsody as your event ticketing partner, event management is simpler and profitable for theaters. Beaming lights, grand stages, beautiful sets, and rows of patrons applauding is what theater events are all about. Through talented artists and performances, your attendees and patrons enter a realm of mesmerizing dreams. The magic might be lackluster for many owing to the pandemic situation but with vaccination drives in full swing, many theatres and cinemas are opening their doors to function at half capacity.

Close contact seating is unadvisable at the moment even with socially distanced events are being organized. However, with the ambiguity of COVID still lingering on, it’s wise for event organizers to tread carefully and ensure safety protocols at their events

The world is your stage with our event ticketing elements working behind the scenes to pull off the perfect picture.

Whitefire Theatre was already using Eventbrite for their Live Stream performances. However, their team was looking for a cost-effective theater ticketing software that had a user-friendly interface for creating their live stream events. We proved to be the perfect event creation and management platform for Whitefire Theatre since 2018. The stats below speak for themselves. 

Here Are Our Event Ticketing Features That Are Best Suited For Theaters: 

1. Event Setup Wizard

Theaters are always on a roll with their multiple shows and performances at different venues or timings. With our Event Setup Wizard, you can create multiple events for different days or timings and sell tickets like a charm. Also, once your event is created, you can copy it and use it to create your multiple events with different slots rather than having to create a new one right from scratch.

2. Reserved Seating

With the change of tides in 2020, many theater owners are opting for a reserved seating arrangement along with Invite-Only codes.  Not only can your attendees reserve their preferred seats based on premium pricing or VIP seating sections, but they can also choose to remain socially distanced while enjoying your shows.

3. Ticket Customization

Whether it’s a Broadway show, stand-up, tragedy, or historical show, portray the full essence of it through your e-tickets. Impressing your event attendees right from the moment they book your tickets is imperative to set the stage which is why you should customize your e-tickets or choose from preset templates that fit your theater or show persona.

We’ve even witnessed e-ticket designs that were so spectacular that they ended up on social media. You never know when your loyal patrons can turn into brand influencers. 

4. Online Payment Gateways

If you’re looking to be a top-of-the-line theater venue, you can never have hiccups during the ticket booking process. Our event ticketing platform supports the best of the best in the payment gateway ecosystem. You can choose from your preferred country-specific payment gateways such as PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree, and many others for safe and secure payment processing.

5. User Access Control

If you’re running a theatre, there’ll be multiple roles for those behind-the-scenes heroes. As part of our Enterprise-Grade Features, you can align or restrict specific user permissions to your team members based on their role in the dashboard at a granular level through User Access Control.

Learn more about Improving Your Team Efficiency With Our Enterprise-Grade Features

6. YapScan & YapStats

We know how event-day jitters can rattle the best of us making things slip through the cracks.  To overcome those hurdles, we’ve developed event ticketing apps that make your life easier on the event day. 

With our YapScan ticket scanner for iOS and Android, you can scan and validate a high volume of event tickets without missing a beat.

With YapStats, get instant, real-time event stats on the go on any iOS and Android devices.

So, looking to cut the drama and let the show go on? Yapsody is the show stopper of an event ticketing partner that your theaters need. With an impressive line-up of event ticketing features that are best suited for theater events, you can pull off the perfect picture every time.


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