10 Food & Drink Festival Event Ideas & Themes to Get Inspired By

10 Food & Drink Festival Event Ideas & Themes to Get Inspired By

Food and drink lovers find a way out to any corner of the world if you give them the taste and experience they are looking for. This unbeatable combination has always been a crowd puller, be it for events like Oktoberfest or a wine tasting festival. If you’ve been on the lookout for ideas to host your own food and drinks festival, your search ends here! We have curated 10 food and drink festival ideas to get inspired by and give your attendees an elite experience.

1. Mexican Food & Drinks Festival

Mexican Food & Drinks Festival

The burritos, tortillas and tacos with a mild spice in it can get your attendees craving for more. Host a Mexican food and drinks festival to give your attendees’ taste buds a treat. You can tie up with your local brewery and let the beers flow. You can either host a single day event or two-day event depending on the response you receive while promoting your event. Host your festival like Sabor a Cabo and give your attendees a great time!

2. Seafood & Wine Festival

Seafood & Wine Festival

Be it Shrimps or Oysters, people love seafood and will flock from any part of the state to enjoy the festival. Along with wine tasting, you’re sure to get your event sold out. Keep a variety of fish, so your attendees get to try multiple items at your event. Do you want to make your festival popular? Host a contest to open oysters at your event and watch the fun or keep it classy, your choice. You can get inspired by the Crabfest Dinner event happening in Nevada, Washington in October 2019 to make your seafood festival a great success.

3. Chef’s Palette

With a few renowned chefs, you can host a great food festival. That way, the chefs get to promote their food or restaurant and make your festival a big hit in the community. The chefs could make their signature dishes or go with a specific theme for the event. Combine it with cocktails and turn it into the best night with some music at your event.

4. A Mini Oktoberfest

Mini Oktoberfest

Hosting a local Oktoberfest will surely make you popular in no time. Since it’s a German folk fest, you can either choose to have German food like pretzels, pork knuckles or go with what your attendees love to eat. Beer festivals are incomplete without beer tents. You can have multiple tents serving different types of beer or maybe just one single tent with live music and liters of beer. To know more about how to host a local Oktoberfest, read our blog – “A Presenter’s Guide to Hosting a Local Oktoberfest“.

5. Food Tasting Festival

You don’t necessarily need to call Jamie Oliver to host this festival. This can be more of a local event, wherein you can invite the best of the chefs/home cooks to present their food and let your attendees taste the dishes to decide who’s the winner. Such events offer attendees a great experience and they get to try multiple dishes at your event.

6. Dessert & Drinks Festival

Drinks and Desserts

Break the stereotypes. While people always try food and drinks, you can give your attendees a unique experience. Host a desserts and drinks festival with S’mores and fried twinkies along with chocolate cocktails. You can also offer a combination of desserts and drinks through liquor-infused chocolates.

7. Barbeque & Beer Fest


If you’re missing the wild west and you want to incorporate the Texan theme, you can host a barbeque and beer fest. Set up multiple barbecue stations with different meats and sauces accompanied by fresh green salads. Yes, our mouths are watering as we write this. You can have burgers and sausages, along with the steaks so your attendees have multiple choices to try. Alternatively, you can set up multiple popular food trucks at your event. Offer your attendees bundled tickets that will include the cost of 1 meal and a pint.

8. Pro Diet Food and Drinks Festival

As the name suggests, this one’s for the health-conscious(or the ones pretending to be) attendees. You can have grilled meats with olive oil accompanied by salads. Instead of beers, you can have one section of mocktails like Jasmine ginger iced green tea or grapefruit cinnamon soda. Your attendees will look forward to an event like this since it’s unique and offers health benefits along with taste.

9. China Town

China Town

Host a Chinese food festival in your city. Whether it’s the Crab Rangoon or the General Tso’s Chicken, your attendees will love to try different cuisine. Incorporate soups and salads in your menu along with fried dumplings and egg rolls to drive the foodies to your event. Bring life to your event with live chuigushou and people serving dishes in traditional Chinese Qipao.

10. Strange Foods & Local Beer

While you may find chicken and waffles, chitterlings and scrapple to be weird dishes, your attendees may want to try all of them. You can have strange foods from all around the world, so people coming to your event have a reason to be a part of it. Serve the drunken shrimps or the Escamole from Mexico with some local beer and get ready to be in the limelight for the weirdest dishes you’ve served your attendees.

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