How to Organize and Host the Best Food Festival in Town

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How to Host the Best Food Festival in Town
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Be it a seafood festival or a mini Oktoberfest, food festivals can pull in massive crowds to your venue. Given an opportunity, food lovers won’t mind wandering places to please their palates. However, to achieve accolades and appreciation for organizing the best event, you’ll need to understand how to delight your attendees. We’ve curated 9 tips to make your event the best in town.

Make It Inclusive
When your food fest offers something for every foodie, the chances of your event becoming successful is even higher. Offer the health-conscious attendees with sugar-free desserts and healthy gluten-free beers. This way your event stands out for taking care of everyone’s needs.

Who doesn’t love entertainment? Especially if it’s combined with a food fest, you can drive people of all ages to your event. You can keep one section reserved for the kids, so they can play games, jump in bouncy castles or simply watch a talented juggler show off his juggling skills.

Offer Them a Variety
People get bored if you give the same taste and if there’s just one type of food. Offer them variety, in terms of different cuisines, multiple food stalls and incorporate it with crafted beers. You can read our blog on – “10 Food & Drink Festival Ideas to Get Inspired By”, and incorporate these ideas for your next food festival.

Communication can bridge the gaps between you and your attendees’. Don’t just send emails to your attendees a week before the event. Build and maintain a healthy rapport with them. Answer the queries, emails and reply to their messages on social media. Engage with your attendees using Facebook and Instagram months before the event. If you have popular chefs coming over to your event, announce it here and see the turnout. You can send out teasers followed by the event invite for your food fest. Believe us, your loyal fans can get you more attendees as compared to any other promotion only with word of mouth.

Put your Resources Together
What can turn your food fest from good to great? The best food! If you already have the best chefs, then you’re sorted. But if you don’t, you have an opportunity to create something better. Like Brighton’s food writer, Andrey Kay, you can also go for look for chef exchanges so your attendees’ experience the best gastronomical delight.

Offer them a Good Ticketing Experience
Be it a crab fest for the crab lovers or a Mexican food fest, food lovers can flock from anywhere to be a part of it. With a high volume of attendees, event ticketing can be a bit tricky and time-consuming if you’re not up for it. At Yapsody, no matter what’s the size of your attendees, we offer a seamless experience through quick validation and robust reporting. With Yapsody, you can display all your food festivals on the online ticket store, so your attendees can buy tickets online instantly. Moreover, to ensure you have a maximum turnout, we promote your events on our website and our social media profiles. Read our blog to know more about why you should choose Yapsody for your next event.

Give Them What They Want
Most event presenters prefer taking a survey post the event to find out how they can make their next food fest better. We recommend you find out what your attendees’ are looking for in a food fest. You can use social media to conduct polls or use our surveys to understand which cuisine they prefer and if there are any special requirements in terms of diet. The best time to send out a survey while they are booking their tickets. When you give them what they’ve been looking for, you set yourself apart from others for considering your attendee’s views.

Unique Theme
Attendees seek unique experiences at food festivals. Hosting a desserts and drinks fest, chef’s palate or a pro diet food and drinks festival, you can offer your attendees a unique experience. Combine it with a seamless ticketing experience and you’ll be ranked for the greatest food festival of the year.

Create Memories
People take away a lot of memories from a food festival. It could be a food challenge your best friend suggested or eating a chilly at one of the food stalls. Give them an option to create more. Set up a photo booth with creative props and let your attendees remember you for the greatest food festival you’ve given them.

Bonus Tip: Offer Giveaways
As a goodwill gesture, you can thank your attendees by offering them souvenirs at your event. It can be in the form of personalized t-shirts, caps, drinking mugs or keychains with your food fest logo inscribed on it. Every time they use these items, it will take them down the memory lane reminding them of the best time they spent with their families or friends. You may also get requests from them to make it an annual event if it’s not one.

Events evolve through time. When you implement your attendees’ feedback while organizing your next food fest, you’ll eventually give them the best experience. Offer great service, good food and excellent ticketing experience through our low priced ticketing system and you’ll have never-ending requests to create more events. If you’re planning one, we have a list of offers to choose from. Sign up today and avail a flat 40% off with our promo code – COVID19-RECOVERY40.

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Event Planning, Event Promotion, Events, Food and Drinks

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