5 Best Crowd Management And Control Techniques For 2023

Mastering Crowd Control: Essential Techniques for 2023
Mastering Crowd Control: Essential Techniques for 2023

Being an event organizer is an enormous responsibility, and everyone expects you to be the problem solver for every situation. Hence, your primary goal should be to look out for your attendees every step of the way and keep them safe. 

It is particularly true for large-scale events that carry a significant level of risk due to the massive size of the guest list. While being in charge of the safety of such a large number of people may seem daunting, we have condensed everything you need to know for best crowd management into five key steps. But before that, let’s understand why crowd control is essential. Read on to find out more! 


Why is Crowd Control Important?

The responsibility to manage health and safety for all attendees, including staff, vendors, and volunteers, falls on the event organizer. Although it might seem manageable while walking through your empty venue, the situation quickly escalates as the crowd gathers. Any party protests or brawls can compromise guest safety, cause minor or major injuries, lead to poor event reviews, and damage your brand’s reputation. Therefore, effective crowd control should be at the top of your list to pull off a successful event.

Crowd Management vs. Crowd Control: What’s the Difference?

While the two terms may sound synonymous, there are significant points of difference between crowd management and crowd control.

Crowd Control is an Exercise, while Crowd Management is a Strategy

Crowd control is an extensive exercise during the event, which may include physical barriers to shift the crowd to the safe side to prevent injuries and bring the situation under control. On the other hand, crowd management is an overall strategy that works before, during, and after an event to assess the situation and maintain it. 

The tools used are different

Crowd control may involve using heavy-duty barriers, such as stanchions with retractable belts, safety cones, and steel barricades to compel the crowd to move aside. On the other hand, crowd management is about preparing the venue with appropriate signages and fencing to ensure crowd safety. 

5 Must-Know Crowd Control and Management Techniques

As a part of the event planning process, exercise these five best crowd management and control techniques at your next-large scale event. 

1. Conduct a Risk Assessment

One of your first tasks should be to conduct a risk assessment. You must identify the potential risks that can arise during the event. These will be specific to the event type, audience, and venue. So, consider asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Start with the event type. Is it a live music event, concert, or circus where different kinds of guests could come together, and there can be chances of chaos?
  • Next, consider the type of audience at your event. Can your guests be divided into smaller groups for better queue management? 
  • Lastly, understand the type of venue. Are there any steep staircases or places in the venue where crowds could pile up, and there is a chance of accidents? 

Once you have asked yourself the above questions and identified the risks associated with your event, consider incorporating safety measures to respond appropriately. 

2. Manage Large Crowds with Reserved Seating

One of the biggest challenges in safety management for large-scale events is overcrowding. As an organizer, you should segment the venue into different seating zones and ensure event-goers stick to their assigned seating plan for best crowd management.

A dedicated ticketing service like Yapsody can help simplify the seat allocation process and maintain crowd safety. Our platform’s reserved seating feature also allows your guests to secure their preferred seats by paying a premium ticket price for VIP seating areas. 

3. Establish a Security and Check-in System

A security system is essential to protect your attendees against external threats on the event day. Therefore, you must establish it at every stage: outside the venue, at the entry, at concession kiosks, and in the viewing area. 

You can also incorporate various measures to strengthen your event security system, such as:

  • Implement security checkpoints away from main entrances 
  • Metal detectors to detect any dangerous item
  • Have security cameras around the venue to help your staff stay on top of every activity
  • Well-trained and dedicated security team to quickly put a stop to any threats

Additionally, you can use Yapsody Yapscan, a ticket verification and laser scanning app available on Android and iOS, to cut the crowd and ensure a faster, seamless check-in experience for your guests at the venue. 

4. Prep the Venue with Clear Signage

Use plenty of signage in your venue to ensure the guests know their way around and put them in the right direction. You can prepare the venue with signs for: 

  • Directions to the nearest washroom
  • Where the queue begins at the entrance
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Restricted or staff-only areas

Use simple signs with large enough text to read from a distance. For venues with recurring events such as concerts, circuses, and galas, consider purchasing reusable or digital signage to reduce expenses. 

5. Have an Emergency Plan Ready

It’s essential to understand that many things can go wrong at the venue, leading to a security breach and demanding an orderly evacuation. This can include a fire breakout, sudden weather changes, a crowd brawl, or people bringing in weapons. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an emergency plan ready so that the event staff can remain calm, guide, and protect the guests.  

Considering that it’s always best to prepare for the worst-case scenario, we have launched our new feature, the Yapsody exchange ticket. Even if the artist cancels at the last minute, presenters no longer have to handle crowd protests. Attendees can easily exchange their tickets for another event and enjoy the experience they paid for. Now it’s a win-win for everyone! 

Final Thoughts

Thus, with adequate planning, effective risk management, and a team of competent staff, it’s possible to make your next event a safety success. 

Furthermore, to facilitate a quick, convenient, and secure ticket redemption, choose Yapsody Yaptickets for a smooth check-in and manage huge crowds at large-scale events like a breeze!

So what are you waiting for? Explore our versatile suite of mobile apps to revolutionize the ticketing process and propel your events to the next level!

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