Top 11 Out-of-the-Box Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events

Top 11 Out-of-the-Box Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events

Corporate events are a great way to get your employees to come together and build relationships in the workplace. Considering work takes up a huge chunk of one’s day and that employees spend more time with colleagues than with family and friends, it is important that you’re employees get along. Creating an atmosphere in the workplace where employees have to interact or be part of a group focused on an objective is one of many ways to get people talking and keep them entertained.

Here’s Our 11 Out-of-the-Box Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events

1. Music Night

Get a band to perform at your workplace. This is an easy entertainment idea to get employees to come together, sing along and jive. Hire a popular band your employees know of, order in pizza and beer from a local chain and flip the corporate vibe into casual. This corporate event idea is easy to pull off and your attendees will thank you for it.

2. Stand up Comedy

Fun corporate event ideas like stand-up comedy shows can de-stress your attendees after a long workday. Hire a local comedian to perform at your corporate event. If your comedian is fairly new to the industry, you’ll save a good chunk of your event budgets as newer artists are looking for exposure primarily and your large corporate gathering will give them just that! To ensure a good turnout, promote your event on social media.

3. World Café

The World Cafe is a method of initiating conversation between large groups, allowing attendees to learn from each other’s experiences. All you have to do is allocate a topic per table. Attendees pick their favorite subject and get talking. After approximately 20 minutes, attendees can move to the next table where another topic is discussed, which ideally is built upon the previous one. Corporate event ideas like these allow knowledge-sharing and increase team bonding.

4. Casino Nights

Casino night is a popular party entertainment idea for corporate events. Your attendees participate in activities outside the workplace and getting to do the same thing in a workplace setting can excite and amuse them. Get your attendees to dress in tuxedos and gowns, as they do it in Monte Carlo or Monaco. Avoid complicated games. Instead, we recommend going for the casino classics – roulette, blackjack, and poker. You can choose to use fake or real currency, which in the end can be exchanged for fun souvenirs. Increase online ticket sales to casino nights by marketing them in advance.

5. Food Fest

Host a food festival where your attendees can try several cuisines in one place. You can even offer your attendees the option to serve their local specialties. Food fests are an interesting approach to introduce and bring awareness of new cultures at the workplace. This is one of the few ideas for corporate events you can be sure all your attendees will love.

6. Live Sketching and Caricatures

Invite a caricaturist or live painter to make portraits of your attendees. Simple entertainment for corporate events such as portrait drawings is a fun activity and gives your attendees something to take home. To make this an interesting corporate event, allow group portraits. Your attendees will interact, pose and have a good time. Gifts and take-aways from events, no matter how small, can keep your attendees happy and talking about the event for a long time.

7. Dance/Workout Session

This is an all-time favorite corporate entertainment idea. Employees spend long hours at the workplace and may not necessarily find the time to work on their physical health. So you can be sure they’ll take the chance they get at the workplace. Find out what they’ll enjoy – Zumba, yoga, cardio or an intensive dance session and hire an instructor to guide them. Corporate events such as these are now common and are held on a weekly basis in multiple workplaces due to its proven benefits.

8. Theme Party

Theme parties are hands down, the most fun of all party entertainment ideas. Pick a popular and relevant theme, for example – Game of Thrones. Deck up the venue with all things GOT, set dress codes and hold fun GOT games. To get your attendees wholly engaged, go all out and give them the option to represent the Houses of Stark, Lannister and the likes for some serious team building (or war.)

9. Games Night

Games night can be a fun and simple corporate event for some good ol’ entertainment on a budget. Conduct games ranging from foosball, pool and chess to the more simpler games like Pictionary, Minute to Win it and UNO, the classics. Pair it up with some munchies and rest assured, your employees will be entertained.

10. Talent Show

Host a talent show and give your employees the opportunity to display their talents. You will be surprised at the unique abilities your employees have. This corporate event is a great way for your employees to get to know each other better. Group activities will build team spirit and give them the opportunity to have a whole lot of fun.

11. Movie Night

Pick a movie your employees have been hyped up about or rent a classic – movie night is a fun activity that doesn’t take a lot of work. Arrange for comfortable seating, get a whole lot of popcorn and get started at the end of the workday, preferably on a Friday night.

Our corporate event ideas are sure to entertain employees and keep them interested and engaged in the workplace. Planning a corporate event? Choose our online event ticketing platform to sell out your event in minutes. 

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