A Guide To Creating Safer Live Events In The New Normal

A Guide To Creating Safer Live Events In The New Normal

If like us, you were also feeling shut-in for the past few months we don’t blame you. Virtual events may have kept your audiences’ attention along the way but nothing comes close to the real deal, right? With safety regulations and sanitization protocols taking center stage in the “New Normal”, are you prepared to take your event planning to the next level? 

If yes, don’t forget to use Social Distancing Holds while creating and managing your seating inventory. 

Our guide will help you stay ahead of the curve. Here’s what you need to take care of:

1. Make Social Distancing & Masks Mandatory 

Until and unless there is a vaccine in the upcoming months, event organizers will have to strictly incorporate 6 feet distancing with mandatory masks at their live events. The best-case scenario given the current climate would be to make wearing masks obligatory while maintaining safe distances. Not only the attendees but also your on-ground staff should be proactive in adapting to PPE kits and necessary safety gear.

Our US concert survey yielded some very important figures that will help you plan better in terms of event safety in the coming months. 

Venue Safety

2. Choose The Right Venue 

The most crucial element that has major payoff when it comes to your overall event experience. Being an event organizer, this one of the major dilemmas being faced even by industry professionals. 

In a recent survey conducted by us, we gathered insights to help you choose between an indoor or an outdoor venue. More than half of the US survey participants are more likely to attend live concerts outdoors whereas approximately 33% percent were happy to be in an indoor setting with mandatory social distancing rules. Learn more about Choosing Between Indoors & Outdoor Venues. 

With the launch of our Social Distancing Holds, our users can now enable automated holds in their event sections, where they can block or hold the desired number of nearby or adjacent seats. All you have to do is configure your automated holds and the number of blocked seats for each event performance from the Event Setup Wizard.

Social Distancing Hold

3. Thorough Thermal Scanning At The Multiple Touchpoints

Apart from the regular sanitization of multiple touchpoints at your event venue, you need to conduct thermal scanning along with your ticket scanning process. Invest in a piece of good quality equipment that reads temperature accurately. 

4. Place Sanitization Stations Strategically 

Whether you choose to go with an indoor or outdoor event venue, your attendees will expect sanitization stations at multiple touchpoints such as entry, exit, balcony, smoking area, restrooms, lounge, and dining areas. Choose spots where your attendees can maintain social distancing while getting sanitized without hesitation. 

5. Go For Pre-Packaged Food Options

No event would be complete without food and dining options to satiate your event attendees’ appetite. However, given the circumstances, opt for pre-packaged meals that are included in the price of your ticket. But in case you plan on going for a buffet, monitor your queues to make sure social distancing is being followed. 

We hope this guide gets you started for planning your upcoming events in the second half of 2020. Learn more about Audience Behavior In A Post-COVID Era here.

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