9 Party Games for Christmas: Adult Edition

9 Party Games for Christmas: Adult Edition

Everyone loves party games, whether you’re an 8 or a 32-year-old. Party games are a great way to celebrate the Christmas season to bond with family or mingle with people you meet for the first time. But do you often find yourself playing the same old Christmas Charades and Secret Santa with your friends year after year, ever since you were a child?
Here’s the thing. We didn’t seem to find a rulebook that said we have to play the same games we did growing up. We present to you 9 Christmas party games for adults you can enjoy with your friends after the kids are off to sleep.

Goose & The Egg
What you’ll need: No you don’t need a goose. Your favorite liquor, plastic eggs (as many as you want), shot glasses and a bunch of people.
How to play: A team will consist of 2 members. Label every egg with the name of the liquor your friends will consume. Every team gets a basket full of eggs. The game begins with the first person balancing the egg between their knees and waddling it to the other side of the room. They need to drop the egg on the plate. Their partner will drink the shot every time the egg is dropped on the plate. The first person has to return to the start point and continue until either all the eggs are dropped or till a minute is complete. The team with maximum eggs is the winner. Ensure the shots are ready before the game begins.

Stack the Marshmallow
What you’ll need: A plate, a bag full of marshmallows and a lot of patience
How to play: Each team to have 2 members, one will be the instructor while the other will be blindfolded and arrange the marshmallows in a stack. Each team needs to make 3 marshmallow mountains with as many marshmallows as possible. Give them a minute to complete the task and extend it by another 15 secs to give them that extra leeway. The team with maximum marshmallows is the winner.

Place The Nose
What you’ll need: A big red nose and a printed image of your friend’s face.
How to play: You can have multiple teams. 1 member from each team will place the nose on the photo with their eyes blindfolded. The rest of the team has to guide him with directions to place the nose.

How many do you have?
What you’ll need: At least 2 boxes of Christmas ornaments, 1 plate per box and 1 candy cane per box.
How to play: Create 2 or more teams. 1 player per team will pick the ornaments and place them on the plate using their mouth. They need to hook it up with the thread from the ornament to place it on the plate. The player with the maximum ornaments in their plate within a minute wins the game. Any player who uses their hand gets disqualified.

Candy Race
What you’ll need: A spoon and a lot of candies
How to play: You can 5 players stand in a line for a race at one end of the room. Place candies on the spoon. On the count of 3, the players need to run holding the spoon with their teeth from the start of the race to the end without dropping the candy. If you have a large space, you can have partners for every player in this game. They run halfway and pass the candy to the partner’s spoon. The partner has to continue the race until the finish line. The team reaching the finish line first is the winner.

Aim The Bottle
What you’ll need: A hard and straight candy stick, a bottle, small pieces of paper to write your friends name, string and a bowl
How to play: NO teams are required in this game. Write the names of your friends on small pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Pick one name every time you want a person to play the game. Tie a string around the hard candy stick and the other end around the player’s waist from the back till the knee. The player needs to aim the bottle and place the candy in the bottle in less than a minute. Whoever does it the fastest wins the game.

True Lies
What you’ll need: 5 to 6 friends and a round table
How to play: Each person has to talk about their 3 worst gifts or Christmas experiences and let your friends guess which story is fake. The one who guesses the fake story is the winner.

Take a Shot
What you’ll need: Shot glasses, different types of liquor or your all-time favorite
How to play: Sit around in a circle and share a funny experience or make up stories. Choose a particular word, for example, Christmas cookie or Elf, take a shot when someone says the word.

Spin the Elf
What you’ll need: A figure of an elf (instead of a bottle), a bowl, paper notes with tasks/dares
How to play: Write down some crazy actions you’d want your friends to do on paper notes and place it in the bowl. Your dares can include things like – what is your darkest fear, describe the most awkward thing that happened or most awkward date or what would you do if you were the opposite sex for a month? You begin the game by spinning the elf. The person whom the elf is pointing to has to pick the paper note from the bowl and simply answer the questions.

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