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How Lakes Area Food Shelf Switched From Offline To Online Event Ticketing With Yapsody

Lakes Area Food Shelf - Case Study
Lakes Area Food Shelf
Lakes Area Food Shelf


Of their audience went from paper tickets to online ticket booking with Yapsody.


Monthly events are organized by Lakes Area Food Shelf as part of their community initiatives.


Years of trust and partnership with our ticketing platform.


Premium ticketing features were used by Lakes Area which includes Non-Profit Rebate, 24/7 Support, YapScan, and YapStats among many others.


Customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) were possible for both the presenter and their ticket booking audiences.


Rebate on our ticketing fees made it extremely easy for Lakes Shelf to function as a community kitchen in its true sense.

Lakes Area Food Shelf is a non-profit organization that functions as a community food shelf serving several communities in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Their food shelf has been operating for nearly 30 years.

Staying true to their motto, they provide hope by providing food assistance to their needy neighbors from Breezy Point, Ideal Township, Jenkins, Nisswa, Lake Shore, and Pequot Lakes. They operate on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 am until noon, and from 5 to 7 pm the first and third Thursday of the month.


According to their management, one of the biggest challenges for them was the hassle of paper tickets and not being able to streamline their event day checklist on a single interface.


Being a non-profit entity, Lakes Area Food Shelf was looking for a cost-efficient solution to all their event ticketing challenges which is why through our Non-Profit Pricing , they were able to find quick solutions and transition into the online world of event ticketing.

1. Pricing For Non-Profits

With our non-profit discount, Lakes Area Food Shelf was able to avail of a FLAT 50% Rebate on their event ticketing fees and make use of the funds into providing more for the community.

2. 24/7 Customer Care

This is what their management had to say about our customer care –

“Your customer service. I had to issue a credit to a customer and couldn’t figure out how to do it. I contacted your customer support and the person walked me through the process.”

Having our 24/7 support to handle even their minuscule queries gave them the added advantage of running a community food shelf.

3. Extensive Feature Set

Foraying into the landscape of online event ticketing as a fresher, they were glad to choose from over 30+ event ticketing features for their community events.

 4. Mobile Apps

Through the Yapsody Mobile apps like YapScan and YapStats , Lakes Area Food Shelf resolved their biggest challenges from the past which was dealing with paper tickets. They were also able to print out a list for each event day for checking in people smoothly.

“My favorite part about Yapsody is customer service. I had to issue a credit to a customer and couldn’t figure out how to do it. I contacted your customer support and the person walked me through the process. Yapsody helped me resolve the biggest challenge I had in the past that is Paper tickets, which were a huge hassle. Yapsody helped us with the ability to print out a list for each day of the event, so we could check in the people. Yapsody’s Customer Support was VERY much helpful to facilitate our event ticketing needs. I would definitely recommend Yapsody’s ticketing platform to others.”

– Rick Paine, President of the Board of Directors


Staying true to their vision, Lakes Area Food Shelf was able to quickly transition into the online event ticketing landscape without breaking a sweat and streamline their community-based services much better.

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