South Bay Film Society

Case Study


Tickets were sold ever since they joined us in 2017 with 5 monthly film screenings organized through our extensive feature set.


Events were organized throughout their Yapsody journey with ticket sales going off the roof.


Tickets were sold on a yearly average throughout the 3 years of partnering with us.


CSAT scores were maintained throughout while corresponding with their ticket buyers with a significant chat volume of 190.


Custom feature requests for their virtual events were implemented as well as a quick improvement to our Accept Donation button.


CSAT scores were achieved for South Bay Film Society whenever their event presenters had a query.

The South Bay Film Society was founded by Randy Berler in June 2012 to bring the best of new foreign and independent films to the big screen in the South Bay. They screen films shortly after (and sometimes before) they begin playing at art house theaters in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Pasadena. They sometimes hold discussions after screenings for those who are interested and hope through these film events to foster connections and friendships between people in the South Bay interested in film and the arts.


The South Bay Film Society sells over 1000 tickets to 3 – 4 film events each month, each of which sells out quickly. They experimented with a couple of online ticketing software to make the ticket-selling process easier. However, creating an event from scratch each time for their screenings ended up becoming rather time-consuming. As the popular screening events would sell out quickly, the presenter often found it difficult to deal with online ticket store visitors who weren’t able to buy tickets. Besides these issues, the ticketing software was also fairly expensive and the service did not live up to his expectations.


1. Easy to Setup & Create Events

As South Bay organizes 3-4 events each month, creating the event on the online ticket store became a very simple process. He simply had to duplicate a previous event and edit the information based on the new event. 

2. Hide Sold Out Events

To avoid the situation of unhappy customers, the presenter could now simply make his sold-out event private. He did not have to delete his event, which would’ve hampered the statistics of his events. 

3. Low Pricing

The fee charged by Yapsody was the lowest he came across, saving on film screening budgets to be put to better use. South Bay was upgraded to the Elite Tier plan, which entitled them to a 60% discount on all ticketing fees. He’s also able to sell his free events for free, while still having access to all of Yapsody’s premium features.

4. 24/7 Top Priority Support

What particularly impressed Randy was Yapsody’s customer service support. Any time he had an issue come up, they responded and resolved the problem very quickly.

“The thing that is particularly impressive about Yapsody is their customer support.”


The founder of South Bay Film Society says, “The Yapsody platform makes it easy for me to set up my ticket sales for each event and is easy for my customers to navigate.” South Bay Film Society found Yapsody to be excellent in all aspects. The low pricing, fit-to-use features, and exceptional customer support made selling tickets to film screenings a smooth and hassle-free experience. The team at Yapsody even went on to make changes in their ‘Donation Collection’ feature based on his feedback. Randy highly recommends Yapsody as the best ticketing service he has found in his six years of business. 

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