Stratford Perth Museum

Case Study


Performances and screenings were organized over a period of 5 years with our ticketing platform.


Performances and shows were being organized on a yearly average.


Tickets were sold during 2017 – 2018 for their Steps to Stardom exhibit.


Annual growth rate was observed in their visitor base in the last 5-7 years.


Years of continued trust and loyalty in Yapsody ever since they joined us in 2015.


CSAT scores were maintained throughout all the channels of customer support for both the event presenters and their attendees as well.

The Stratford Perth Museum, located in Stratford, Ontario, was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1997. The museum’s collection dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when the Library Act of 1902 permitted local libraries to collect and display museum collections. The collection has continued to grow over the years and has been housed and exhibited in a number of homes. In 2008, the Stratford Perth Museum Association purchased its present 7 acres on the old Huron Road. The site is complemented by an 1870 Victorian buff brick home, woodlots and trails – a home with room to grow and endless potential to interpret our rich cultural heritage and to deliver indoor and outdoor programming.


Over the past few years, Stratford Perth Museum has had several high profile exhibits like the Anne Frank House exhibit and Shakespeare’s First Folio. Controlling the number of tickets sold to such events was vitally important, so people coming from hours away wouldn’t have to arrive and find out that we were sold out. To manually manage ticket bookings for an ongoing event like this became a tedious task. While the museum is a popular attraction in the city of Stratford, they often found it difficult to reach out to populated neighbouring cities such as Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton that could potentially bring in high revenue. In 2013, the museum welcomed 853 visitors. Besides this, the museum used the traditional method of selling tickets – by paper, making purchases and refunds difficult to manage.


Stratford’s website provider and provincial tourism partner recommended using Yapsody to sell their tickets online. The results? They came in sooner than they thought.

1. Real time stats and the Ability to Make Changes

While Yapsody gave them the ability to sell tickets online, its real value is giving them an up to the minute total as to the number of tickets sold. Given the great online settings, they were quickly able to close ticket sales from a desktop or even a phone.

2. Quicker Creation of Recurring Events

Using Yapsody’s box office, Stratford was able to create multiple-day tickets for the same event by creating performances. Creating new events also became easy as they simply had to duplicate their previous shows and make a few edits. 

3. Extended Reach

After beginning to use the popular online ticketing system, Stratford sold over 10,000 tickets during 2017 and 2018 compared to 853 in 2013. For the opening of their Justin Bieber exhibit Steps to Stardom, they had no idea that the opening would be so popular. But weeks in advance, they noticed that ticket sales were through the roof and we closed off sales. On the opening weekend we had patrons from the UK, France as well as all over Canada and the United States.

4. Better Management

With the extensive features on Yapsody, the museum was better able to manage every aspect of ticket selling. As an when they hit a roadblock, the 24/7 customer support always provided just the solution they needed.

“Yapsody has been critical to the recent success and the growth of the Stratford Perth Museum. Its real value is giving us an up to the minute total as to the number of tickets sold.”


“For us at the Stratford Perth Museum, Yapsody has been an incredible part of our remarkable growth over the past five years,” says John Kastner, General Manager of Stratford Perth Museum. Regarding the successful Bieber exhibit, John says, “Without Yapsody, we would have had to turn people away at the door – which would have been terrible.” Like most clients, John was exceptionally pleased with the customer support he received. “The chat feature on the website is outstanding. The help is informed, valuable and almost always ends in a solution,” he adds.

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