Noah Webster House

Case Study


Event tickets were sold to date from the day they’ve joined us in 2016.


Years of continued trust and loyalty in Yapsody ever since they joined us in 2016.


Community-based events were organized on their property catering to various ages from cemetery tours to lectures.


Rebate on our ticketing fees made it extremely easy for them to function as a non-profit entity.


CSAT scores were possible through every possible medium such as chat, email, and phone support.

Noah Webster House is a non-profit institution, located in the restored 18th-century birthplace and childhood home of Noah Webster, the creator of the first American dictionary and “Blue-Backed Speller”, a teacher, lawyer and early abolitionist. The mission of Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society is to preserve, interpret and champion Noah Webster’s legacy and birthplace, as well as the evolving history of West Hartford, the town that nurtured him.


Noah Webster House organizes community based events catering to various ages from cemetery tours to lectures. To simplify the process of selling their event tickets online, they researched several online ticketing systems. Listing their events brought about a set of challenges. For starters, it wasn’t feasible for a non profit organization like theirs, from a pricing standpoint. The presenter was required to pay $2 a ticket for tickets that cost $10 or less. Besides this, they did not have a single platform where they could view all their upcoming events. Instead, they were only able to create links for their individual events and were allotted event ID numbers. There was no scope of personalization, making the process a disorganized affair.


The Noah Webster House came across Yapsody in 2016. She was pleased with the experience with Yapsody’s online ticketing for the following reasons:

1. Low Pricing

Yapsody’s pricing was much lower than other ticketing services, so instead of a mighty $2, they were now only required to pay 76 cents! They were now able to avail benefits of selling tickets online paying minimal fees.

2. Non-profit Discount

Organizations under the non-profit category are entitled to a 50% rebate on ticketing fees on Yapsody, making their savings significant.

3. Online Ticket Store

After signing up on Yapsody, Noah Webster, like every other presenter, gets a space of their own on the platform. The online ticket store allowed the presenter to list their events in one place, also making it easier for ticket purchasers to visit the store to check all upcoming events.

4. Personalization

Noah Webster House was able to personalize their online ticket store to a level where they could even create a subdomain – , along with editing the rest of the store’s design to reflect their brand, making the transition from their website to the online store seamless for ticket purchasers.

5. 24/7 Support

Whenever a question arised, Amy was instantly able to contact Yapsody’s customer support through the chat feature on the website and via email and received the response she was looking for immediately.

“Yapsody fees are significantly less!”


Development Manager of Noah Webster House, Amy Boulton says, “Yapsody is a great site, particularly for non profits.” The museum organizes multiple events throughout the year. It only made sense to make the switch to Yapsody, because they didn’t have to pay a high flat fee on tickets priced low. Apart from the reasonable fees, she was exceptionally pleased about being able to have a branded URL and an exclusive store of their own for no additional costs.

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