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What Makes A Corporate Event Successful?

Yapsody Event Ticketing - What makes a corporate event successful
Yapsody Event Ticketing - What makes a corporate event successful

If you want to build brand awareness or relationships with clients, business partners, sponsors, and potential audiences, a corporate event is a way to do it.

Corporate events build and nurture relationships so make sure to keep these touchpoints in mind for successful event execution.

1. Set Up Your Event Agenda

The first thing on your mind – to have clear goals for your corporate event agenda. Depending upon the kind of goals you want to achieve, you can decide what kind of event would be suitable. Later, you also have to take into account your target audience personas, the impression you want to create on them, and what can your attendees gain from your event. 

2. Team Up With Corporates

For small businesses or venue owners, corporate events can be a little heavy on your pockets. Collaborate with similar businesses or corporates to share the workload, expenses, and of course, the benefits. You could even hire a smart event organizer to boost your event creativity quotient. Also, ensure that the marketing needs of each of the affiliated businesses or brands are met during the event.

3. Collaborative Efforts Win

And if this is your first time organizing an event, you need to ask for it. Most people think – “How much effort is it going to take me to put up an event that’s only going to last a few hours?” and the answer is A LOT. 

Setting a date, finding a venue, organizing a team and allotting tasks, finding caterers, putting up decorations, sending invites – it’s a seemingly endless list. In such cases, sign up with Yapsody for smoother team collaborations that lead to a successful corporate event.

4. Spread The Word 

More than what you say or how you say it, the right kind of event promotion relies on where you say it. Once you know who your target audience is, you’ll be able to find out their online and offline hangouts and carry out outreach activities there. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are regulars when it comes to social media marketing. 

During your conference or exhibitions,  go up to your clients and spread the word about your event face-to-face, encouraging your on-ground team to do the same. 

5. Incentivize Event Attendees

Even with the right kind of promotion, be on the safer side and ensure event attendance by incentivizing them. A remarkable keynote speaker, a quirky theme or venue, interactive breakout sessions, all pose as points that intrigue attendees and make them register for your upcoming events. 

In fact, they might even recommend your corporate events to their peers and colleagues, boosting your event attendance and turnover.

6. Gift Hampers

Who doesn’t like gifts, now? All kinds of freebies and branded gift hampers make event attendees happy. You don’t have to necessarily provide them with expensive ones. Promotional goodies, product samples, information packets, and gift cards all are real charmers. They create excellent brand recall after your corporate events are done ensuring they look forward to your upcoming events.

7. Gather Event Feedback

Where there is the scope of being better, there is scope for growth. Getting feedback from your attendees is extremely important so that you can figure out your flaws and correct them, and polish the things you did right. Yapsody lets you have a personalized FAQ section on your online ticket store, and you can even mail your attendees a short questionnaire.

Apart from that, publish event blog posts and update your Facebook and Twitter with the highlights of your corporate event, so that your guests, speakers, sponsors, and brand ambassadors can re-live those moments and share them in their network. 

We hope these 7 brief touchpoints invoked and inspire you to get your corporate event planning activities in order. You can always count on the Yapsody Ticketing blog to come through with the best in the event industry. Stay tuned and keep reading more!  

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