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Square Payment: The Answer to Your Event’s Payment Question

Online payment made easy with square
Online payment made easy with square

Getting those payments in the account is the final boss of the challenge which is event organizing. And sometimes, getting the money you and your staff worked hard for gets harder than you’d expect.

Well … We’re happy to announce that in a new venture, Yapsody has now partnered up with Square Payments, one of the most prominent holistic payment gateway platforms to make payment processing easier for you. 

Square is a major payment gateway and point-of-sale tool available across Europe, Asia, and Australia, but more densely availed in the US. And now we’re adding it to our list of gateways for hassle-free processing. 

Basically, as you go about hosting your events, Square’s payment gateway and terminal devices help your events sail smoothly through the tough waves of a live event. 


What does this collaboration mean for you event presenters? 

You can now manage ticket sales by seamlessly integrating payment processing with Square at the same time.

Say hello to streamlined business operations

Selling tickets and securing payments from customers can be done in one place by integrating the Square payment gateway on the events created with Yapsody’s event ticketing. 

This eliminates the need for multiple systems. You save time by streamlining the process of accepting payments, reconciling accounts, and managing inventory.

So, not only is the ticket selling/purchasing process easier, but this level of efficiency also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved event management and customer experience

Square payment gateway is designed to provide a fast and secure checkout experience for presenters when it comes to event ticketing. 

Thanks to their robust security measures, both event organizers and guests can sell and buy tickets knowing that their information and transactions are safe and secure. 

You also keep track of all invoices and transactions made through e-commerce websites or contactless payments.

User-friendly POS system

Sqaure’s POS system lets you do everything – from accepting tips and digital/card payments to processing payments with gift cards. All event-organizing related accounting needs like tracking inventories, sending and managing invoices, e-receipts, and administering refunds are at your disposal to access.  

The process is made even more simpler with Square Stand – something you can use on the ground to turn an iPad into a POS tool, managing every point-of-sale task that you or your staff needs to be on top of.

Similarly, the system also allows installing a separate device on smartphones and tablets called Square Reader to process card payments on the go. 

Real-time sales analytics

Sales insights drive your business. Square’s POS system provides you with valuable insights into sales data, allowing you to make informed decisions about future events. Or better yet, call shots right away to better optimize your current sales. 

You’ll always have an up-to-date picture of your event’s financial performance, and identify relevant trends or patterns in sales. 

And not just sales, you can be on top of your event’s inventory levels with real-time access to inventory tracking. So, a definitive win.

Event planners across the world, and particularly in the US, now have a great opportunity to utilize Square’s other great features that come along with its payment processing service. The platform’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for event organizers dealing with a plethora of accounting headaches. 

Don’t go chasing unanswered invoices and messy accounts. Integrate your event ticketing with Square, and get paid with each sale. 

Well, you got it. Throwing events has never been easier. Organize your first event today and get the first 50 tickets free!

Learn how to go about events and organizing them. 

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