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Live Music Industry Trends: Concerts Highest Revenue Generator

Yapsody Event Ticketing - Music Industry Trends_ Concerts Highest Revenue Generator
Yapsody Event Ticketing - Music Industry Trends_ Concerts Highest Revenue Generator

The concert and event promotion industry is a $22.9 billion industry and over the period of next four years, industry revenue is projected to climb at an average annual rate of 3.0% to $26.5 billion with thousands of new event presenters entering the market wanting a piece of the pie.

But where might the greatest opportunities lie for new event presenters? Let’s take a brief look at some of the key segments of the live music industry statistics:

Products and services segmentation (2012)
Total $22.9bn
Live Music and concerts - 58.1%
Theater and opera performances - 15.6%
Nonfranchise sporting events - 14.6%
Fairs, pageants, ethnic festivals and other events - 8.6%
Symphony and classical music concerts - 1.7%
Dance performances - 1%
Public appearances and speeches - 0.4%

The music festival industry growth has been massive. According to the live entertainment industry statistics,  concerts make most of the music industry revenues: an estimated 58.1%. Events in this category include performances at clubs, music theaters, arenas and amphitheaters, as well as local and regional music festivals. Events can array in size from an audience of fewer than 500 people to more than 100,000. As a part of industry revenue, live music concerts segment has experienced slight increases during the five years to 2012. The number and acceptance of club and theater-level concerts has grown in line with consumers’ increasing use of the internet as a tool for music discovery.

Non-franchise sporting events, such as boxing matches and rodeos, are projected to collect about 14.6% of industry revenue in 2012. Sporting events incline to be less price sensitive than arts-related events. This nature is partly due to the partisanship surrounding sports teams. Moreover, sporting teams can perform using the same equipment at every show (e.g. an ice hockey rink or basketball court), which also lowers the cost of staging a performance.

Theatrical performances, such as plays, musicals and operas, account for an estimated 15.6% of the music industry revenues. Demand for this segment has declined slightly over the past five years due to declines in gifts, donations and grants supporting performing arts. Other events include state fairs, agricultural fairs, pageants and all other festivals and events that are not related to sports or performing arts.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and find the details informative and useful.  Stay tuned with Yapsody for more live music industry statistics related news and statistics. The more you will know about live music industry trends, the more you will get success with your event.

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the music festival industry growth and share your comments.

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