How Live Entertainment Can Yield High ROIs for Your Casino

How Live Entertainment Can Yield High ROIs for Your Casino

Am I going to win the Jackpot? That’s a question that pops in the mind of every gambler when they’re at the casino. People love casinos because of the excitement, thrill, the atmosphere and high probability of winning something. That being said, hosting hilarious comedy stand-ups, jammin’ concerts and dance performances can be great ways of entertaining your audience at your casino. If you haven’t yet thought about incorporating live entertainment at your casino, pull up your socks and get ready to make some extra cash.
Generate revenue by selecting the right partner who offers a comprehensive suite of synergistic talent buying and ticketing services. It will not only lead to consistent growth for your entertainment programs but also offer long-term profitability for your casino. Here’s how live entertainment can prove to be the biggest game-changer for your casino’s overall business growth strategy.

1. Generate Revenue Through Live Entertainment
Want to generate extra revenue? Live entertainment is the way to go. Let’s say you’re organizing a live casino concert. Roll out some really cool offers or put your tickets on sale and sell tickets online to earn extra revenue. Major national promoters’ use their own ticketing systems to boost event profits. Yapsody clients enjoy the same perks without the hassle or expense. This means, when you use our live entertainment services at your casino, you can use our event ticketing service at no extra cost. That way, the high fees you would have paid to a third party ticketing provider are now saved. The revenue you saved by choosing Yapsody can be used to offer better entertainment and experience to your attendees.

As a Yapsody casino client, you can either eliminate ticketing surcharges altogether in order to reduce ticket prices and drive more sales. Or you can charge a ticket surcharge of your choice and retain 100% as incremental revenue. You could also control credit card proceeds by collecting them directly via any payment gateway of your choice. Ultimately, having complete control over ticketing surcharges often yields significant risk reductions for Yapsody clients and an immediate verifiable increase to their bottom lines.

2. Partner with a Talent Buying Company
Let’s say you’ve invited a rock band to perform at your casino. The artist will promote his/her event weeks before the actual date on social media and other platforms. That way, your casino gains popularity. If they receive a good response, they can possibly sign a contract with you and perform every month at your casino.

With respect to Yapsody’s talent buying services, Yapsody exclusively services casinos for close to 10 Native American tribes across the US. We contract over 200 headlines.
Yapsody offers full on-site and off-site production and logistics services to talent buying clients. Most of our clients experience a decrease in production expenses of 20%-30% while simultaneously raising production values and ensuring a smooth-running event.

Traditional theaters & auditoriums are quite uniform in their approach to entertainment because the entertainment itself is the focus of their entire business. Alternatively, casinos are incredibly diverse in terms of their business strategy and philosophy on entertainment. Hence, their approach to entertainment in relation to their core business of gaming becomes a pivotal part of their growth strategy

3. The Magnet Effect
Get the best of the bands or comedy artists to perform at your casino. Live casino entertainment works like a magnet in drawing crowds to your casino. As the queue builds up, your attendees can become restless if you’re using a manual check-in system or an ordinary event ticketing system. Avoid long queues and frustrated attendees with our mobile app – YapScan. It lets you quickly validate every attendee and offers a seamless ticketing experience.

4. Market your Casino
Offer entertainment that people will remember long after the party is over. While they’re entertaining themselves, you’ll surely have a few of them try their luck at the wheel of fortune or the blackjack. As the excitement builds up, your attendees will not mind taking risks and spending a little bit with the hope of winning a jackpot. While you earn the revenue, live entertainment like concerts help to promote your casino to a new set of attendees. With Yapsody, every time you host a concert at your casino, Yapsody promotes its concert clients’ events just like major national promoters do. Through our event marketing services, we not only promote your live entertainment event but also maximize online ticket sales. Our event marketing services include:

At Yapsody, we do our part to ensure that our casino clients’ events are profitable. We
use our own resources to digitally market events that meet the following criteria:

  • Events with under 50% tickets issued within 1 month of performance
  • Events with under 80% tickets issued within 2 weeks of performance

Marketing activities include, without limitation, email blasts to Yapsody’s customer database, targeted social media interaction, and online paid ads.

5. Leverage your Restaurant Business
While your attendees enjoy the live casino shows, grab the opportunity to impress them with delectable cuisines and refreshing cocktails. Running a casino may be your forte but foodies don’t mind returning to your venue for the royal treatment, rich experience and the best food you offer. Besides, you earn extra revenue when your event attendees try the food and drinks as they gamble.

Whether your attendees win a jackpot or not, you’re sure to win their hearts with the rich ticketing experience you offer.  Sign up with Yapsody and sell your casino event tickets in minutes. We are currently running our holiday season offers so you can create extraordinary events for your casino. Use our promo code – HOLIDAY25 to avail a 25%off on your event ticketing fees.

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