5 Tips To Kickstart Your Targeted Event Marketing Strategy

5 Tips To Kickstart Your Targeted Event Marketing Strategy

Being successful with events requires audience segmentation, preparation, collaboration, and engagement. Based on our industry analysis, a majority of event marketers believe their biggest challenge is improving their event conversions.

Kickstarting your marketing well in advance ensures your resource allocation, promotion, and engagement perform more effectively resulting in higher conversion. Marketing coupled with a proper strategy will further catapult you to higher engagement levels and even sold-out events! 

Here Are 5 Tips to Kickstart your Targeted Event Marketing Strategy:

1. Make Yourself Easy To Find

Not only should you post online content regularly, but you must also make it easy to find. For instance,  if you have 3 or 4 events lined up for the month of May, then you can promote it as “Upcoming events for May” on a single page and promote it on social media as well as on different channels. 

Our inbuilt event ticketing functionality – SEO for events is undisputed for event marketers and venue owners wanting to enhance their visibility in the digital landscape, especially those who wish to attract the right audiences to boost their ticket sales. Making your event brand easier to find, made simpler.

2. Use Paid Ads For Event Promotion

Due to changing algorithms, social media platforms are making it difficult to reach your attendees organically. According to a recent update by Facebook, they have implemented changes in their algorithm. Priority is now given to content from the user’s friends and families over the content from businesses and news websites.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give you better options of ad targeting for event attendees based on user location and interest. Check out these Engagement Triggers You Can Use In Your PPC Campaigns.

3. Be In Touch With Your Event Registrants

You need to keep engaging with your event registrants. The best medium to stay in touch with your audience is email marketing. According to research, 73% of in-house marketers worldwide said that email marketing provided a strong ROI.

Therefore, you must leverage email marketing but keep in mind that you need to send personalized emails in order to improve effectiveness. To evaluate the effectiveness and success of your email campaigns, you need to keep track of the “open rate” and “click-through rate” of emails and also check the conversion ratio – recipients who are reading your email and purchasing tickets. All these parameters can be tracked through Yapsody’s upcoming “Email Marketing” feature.

4. Create A Pre-Event Buzz

When it comes to your event, your performing artists and special guests are the primary stakeholders. If you want your event to be a success, make sure that your primary stakeholders leverage their popularity and power to influence the pre-event buzz on social media platforms. This is the most organic and effective way to promote your events since it attracts potential attendees who pursue those performing artists and special guests on social media as well as keep your event registrants engaged. Learn more through these 5 Tips & Tricks For Last-Minute Event Promotion

5. Start Early

To make your event a success, you need to start doing these promotional activities in advance. Email marketing and SEO are the primary channels you should use to target your attendees, as they have better ROI compared to all other mediums. 

Implementing these tips will help you stay in touch with your attendees, and get the most out of your targeted event marketing strategy.

We hope these 5 tips help you kickstart event marketing strategy. For those looking for a more comprehensive, detailed, and insight driven resources, check out our marketing blog for more. 

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