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Introducing YapTickets.. Access tickets.. Your ticket to the next event Available on iOS and android
Introducing YapTickets.. Access tickets.. Your ticket to the next event Available on iOS and android

Do you feel the process of printing tickets for your events and carrying them around all the time creates a fuss for you? Or do you worry about misplacing your tickets at the last moment or having your tickets stolen? We hear you.

YapTickets Makes carrying tickets a Breeze!

Our latest event ticket app- YapTickets by Yapsody, is all set to make your event experience easy, convenient, and seamless.

YapTickets is an easy-to-use ticket redemption app that makes it easy to access tickets for a wide array of events, including concerts, festivals, holiday occasions, network gatherings, comedy nights, and more. All you need is your email, and you can have your tickets in the palm of your hand.

To give you a better understanding, let us tell you 

How it works:

Step 1: Book your favorite upcoming events on Yapsody

Step 2: Download the Yaptickets app from the App Store or Google PlayStore 

Step 3: Enter the email you used to buy the tickets and a verification link will be sent to your email

Step 4: Click on the link in your email, and you will have access to your tickets in the app

Step 5: Show your ticket to the scanner at the event. Enjoy!

That’s it! No more lost or stolen tickets. With YapTickets, you can enjoy your favorite events with ease and peace of mind.

YapTickets is convenient not only for attendees but also for event presenters. They can choose to make their event paperless & environment friendly by restricting their tickets to only be accessible using the YapTickets app. 


Another benefit to presenters is ensuring the authenticity of tickets & discourage scalping

If the tickets are delivered only to the YapTickets app, you can ensure that they are redeemed only by the buyer who has purchased them. This prevents tickets from being transferred or resold. This helps maintain the integrity of the event, where only genuine attendees are able to attend. 


So, whether you’re a buyer or a presenter, YapTickets has got you covered with its quick, convenient, and secure ticket redemption process.

Our goal at Yapsody is to offer you a smooth, stress-free and safe experience while attending the events you love.

Know how to enable the Yapsody YapTickets ticket delivery method

Know how to view tickets on Yapsody YapTickets App


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