6 Types of Social Distancing & COVID friendly Live Event Ideas

6 Types of Social Distancing & COVID friendly Live Event Ideas

Figuring out new and innovative ways to acquire and retain your event attendees in the new normal? We have you covered. The best way to go about is by choosing the right event venue and off course the type of event you organize. Considering the audience preferences for safe events in the new normal, here are 6 types of live events that are social distancing and COVID-19 friendly.  

1. Drive-In Concerts

The demand for drive-in concerts has increased as it is considered to be safe with event attendees enjoying the live show in the confines of their vehicle. Think of old parking lots of stadiums that can be converted into your live event venue with social distancing and sanitized protocol in place. With the holiday season upcoming, why not learn more about organizing haunted drive-thrus for Halloween

2. Dinner Theater Shows 

Dinner theater may prove to have some significant advantages irrespective of coronavirus. Some of the most coveted casino attendee demographics recall classic Las Vegas in which dinner theater was the norm. Such nostalgic Las Vegas dinner theater provided a sense of VIP treatment and quality entertainment. In presenting dinner theater as a proactive measure for minimizing both actual and perceived coronavirus risk, entertainment venues might end up discovering the demand for a resurgence of dinner theater that they may wish to continue into the long term. Furthermore, this approach presents entertainment providing venues with opportunities to become a trendsetter within their surrounding communities and amongst all venues in their region of operations.

3. Outdoor Yoga & Fitness Camps

Health & wellness-based events are also on the rise as people are looking forward to events that improve their physical and mental wellbeing. You could easily set up an outdoor yoga or fitness camp at your local park with a limited set of people involved. Wondering how many of your event attendees would be interested to participate? Simply use our questionnaires & survey feature to get an approximate target.

4. Invite-Only Conferences

With the past few months being reserved for lockdowns, many business professionals are looking for networking opportunities that get them back on track with the industry and the way forward in this pandemic. Needless to say, it’s not possible to host an all-out expo with thousands of people converging at the same time. 

Invite-only events create a sense of relief among your conference attendees as they can network with a limited yet relevant group of people. Choose an indoor or outdoor event where you can install white screens and appropriate seating arrangements.  

5. Outdoor Fairs

Outdoor Fair

Book sales, food fests, and other outdoor fairs can be a breath of fresh air for audiences as they have been waiting to get out for a long time. Outdoor fairs with a general admission style of entry would help them break the monotony of being stuck in lockdowns. Of course, you can mandate the rule of no masks = no entry

6. Livestreams


It is quite understandable if your event attendees are unwilling to step outside for your events in the wake of the pandemic. However, that doesn’t rule out the fact that they might be interested in live streams that they enjoy from the comfort of their homes – from live concerts and virtual conferences, the ideas are a handful. Whitefire Theatre has been using our platform for all their live streaming their festival entirely. 

Many are looking to upskill themselves during this period of productive hibernation and you as an event organizer can plan for different formats of online masterclasses. It can range from cooking, coding, writing, dancing, or simply an online meetup. 

We hope this piece sprouts a few good ideas in upcoming event planning. Make sure to use our COVID Recovery Offer while creating your events with us to avail of a discount on your ticketing fees.

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