Free Event Registration Software for Churches

Free event registration software for churches, Yapsody is free for church events where tickets are free, with a no ticket cost. If your church is a non-profit organization or NGO, we provide a flat 50% rebate. With Yapsody, churches can create customized event pages, manage registrations, and promote their events effectively, all at no cost.


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How to Setup Your Church Events with Yapsody?

Wondering how to set up your church events? Yapsody’s feature-rich event ticketing platform provides you with everything you need to set up your church events and sell tickets online seamlessly! Create the ultimate event ticketing experience for your church events in four easy steps.

Create your event

Step 1: Create Your Event

Build an engaging ready-to-share event page in less than 5 minutes. Get started today.
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Promote & Sell

Step 2: Promote & Sell Out

Leverage Yapsody’s all the latest tools & features to promote and sell event tickets in no time.
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Event Day

Step 3: Event Day

With Yapsody’s ticket scanner apps, Yapticket and YapScan, streamline your check-ins and reduce wait times significantly.
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Step 4: Upscale

Analyze revenue reports and reconcile ticket sales to enhance and improve your next event better!
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Step 1: Create Your Event

Build a captivating ready-to-share event page in less than 5 minutes. Get started today.

Promote & Sell Icon

Step 2: Promote & Sell Out

Leverage Yapsody’s tools to promote and sell event tickets in no time. Skyrocket revenue now.

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Step 3: Event Day

Yapsody’s ticket scanner apps, Yapticket and YapScan, make lines shorter and check-in a breeze.

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Step 4: Upscale

Analyze revenue reports and reconcile ticket sales to make the next event better!


Yapsody’s Ticketing Features for Churches

Yapsody’s event ticketing features for churches offer streamlined online ticketing processes, simplifying event management and enhancing the attendee experience. With features like user management, event organization tools, analytics, and integration capabilities, churches can efficiently plan, track, and promote their events while fostering community engagement.

Why Choose Yapsody for Church Events Registration?

Choose Yapsody for church events registration to benefit from its user-friendly interface and robust features designed specifically for religious organizations.

Frequently asked questions

What is Yapsody and how can it benefit our church events?

Yapsody is an online event ticketing platform designed to simplify ticketing processes for events, including those hosted by churches. It helps streamline ticket sales, manage attendees, and enhance overall event experience.

How do I set up an event on Yapsody for our church activities?

You can easily set up an event by creating an account on Yapsody, providing event details, setting ticket prices, and selecting the payment methods. Yapsody provides a user-friendly interface to guide you through the process.

Can we customize the appearance of our event page on Yapsody to match our church branding?

Yes, Yapsody allows customization of event pages, including colors, logos, and branding elements. This helps maintain a consistent and professional look for your church events.

What payment options are available for attendees purchasing tickets through Yapsody?

Yapsody supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and other online payment options. It ensures a convenient and secure transaction process for your attendees.

How does Yapsody handle refunds for event tickets?

Yapsody provides flexibility for event organizers to set refund policies. The presenter can process a refund through the box office interface directly.

Can we integrate Yapsody with our church website?

Yes, Yapsody offers embeddable widgets that allow seamless integration. When a ticket buyer clicks on it, they will be redirected to their online store for ticket purchase.

Is there a way to track attendance and gather data on attendees through Yapsody?

Yapsody provides robust reporting tools that allow you to track attendance, analyze ticket sales, and gather valuable insights into your church events. This data can help in planning future events more effectively.

How does Yapsody handle security and privacy for our church events?

Yapsody follows industry-standard security protocols to ensure the safety of your data and transactions. It employs secure payment gateways and encryption to protect sensitive information.

What kind of customer support does Yapsody offer for churches?

Yapsody offers customer support through various channels, including email and live chat. Their support team is available to assist with any issues or questions you may have during the event planning process.

Are there any additional features or tools in Yapsody that can enhance our church events?

Yapsody offers additional features such as reserved seating, promotional tools, and social media integration, which can enhance the overall experience and promotion of your church events.

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