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Yapsody Partners With Prairie Knights Casino And Resort

Yapsody & Prairie Knights Casino and Resort Collab
Yapsody & Prairie Knights Casino and Resort Collab

Sold out! 

What’s better than reading these words when you plan your next event?

Well, for our newest client, we’re sure to ring ‘em up every night!

Ladies and gentlemen, Yapsody is thrilled to announce that we have joined hands with Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, providing our popular concert management services and event ticketing system.

Get ready to have a whale of a time at Prairie Knights Casino and Resort!

Having opened its doors in 1993, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort has emerged to be a notable top North Dakotan entertainment venue. With 700 slot machines, table games, the biggest promotions, live music, two very-well-reviewed restaurants, and a whopping 200 guest hotel rooms and suites, this funhouse is one of the 10 largest Indian casinos in America! 

And now, Yapsody is all set to swing in, amplify the casino’s events, and help it gain a competitive edge with our talent buying, ticketing system, and event management to raise Prairie Knight’s already soaring profits.

For our friends at Prairie Knights, Yapsody will be offering advanced online event ticketing, talent acquisition, concert support, and patron-building services along with venue management with the hottest artists performing at the Knight Club, live talks, and more!

Stick around for a little peek into what business with us would look like.

A unique ticketing system

Yapsody’s ticket management systems benefit everyone, irrespective of your sector or support requirements. Here are some benefits of employing a ticketing system for events that your casino business and your clients will appreciate.

Robust ticketing features

Handling ticketing is one of the greatest concerns for any event organizer. But we’re here with robust features that allow you to run all your events with ease.

Let’s go through what all Prairie Knights Casino now has access to with Yapsody’s ticketing system in place:

  • Easy event creation that ticks off all their event needs and only takes just about minutes to set up
  • Ticket customization according to their event and venue needs
  •  Flexi ticket pricing to sell tickets by types, like VIP, lounge, and front row
  •  Invite-only codes to keep their events safe and secure
  • Reserved seating
  • Online store customization
  • Yapscan to manage high-volume events
  • Yapstats to get real-time stats on all the events happening
  • White-label your events to boost brand credibility

And it doesn’t matter if their system’s iOS or Android. We’ve got ‘em all covered.  

Smart promotions to fill every seat at the venue

Now, for event-based businesses like casinos, concert halls, and nightclubs, promotion activities can get a little dull and not as effective as one would hope to sell tickets. But Yapsody’s smart promotional solutions use SEO, early birds, custom discount creation, and promo codes to sell out each of your events in no time.

Your Safety and Security are our top priority

Don’t worry about the cards stacked against you. We take the security of your data seriously and try to meet your needs. We have extensive expertise and a large clientele worldwide, recognized as an event management and ticketing firm in the entertainment and event industry. 

Build enduring relationships with clients and the criticality of privacy to the casino. Your data is completely yours and will only be used to market tickets for your events, in contrast to other ticketing providers.

Yaosody’s primary user data protection is regulated by US laws. And for all you partners in the EU, we abide by the GDPR policy to keep your and your audience’s data safe and secure. So you never have to worry about security and data leaks when you got Yapsody to cover your events. 

24/7 X 365 Live support

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner your way with support and training partners. As soon as you entrust us with your casino or live events, we offer support available 24/7 and thorough training. Our support team works nonstop to ensure that every support request is handled as promptly as humanly possible. 

Event Management and Concert Production 

Businesses can advertise special deals, rewards, and new products, generating more revenue. Casino business owners may now connect with a larger audience by increasing the exposure of their goods and services through effective event marketing.

Do your best as an organizer by providing seamless, efficient, and extraordinary support to your event’s participants. Here’s what Yapsody offers Prairie Knights and other casinos and resorts.

Let us handle the talent, please

Keep your customers reeling for just a bit more with live music and club events at your casino. As a veteran and leader in the live entertainment industry, Yapsody works with some of the finest artists and performers in the world, check them out here! So reaching talent will be a worry of the past. 

As our customer, Yapsody will provide you with finding and acquiring the best talent for your events. When we say the best talent, think collabs with artists like Pitbull, Gary Allan, David Spade, Sara Evans, and even Snoop Dogg!

Flexible payment gateways 

Payment gateways can be a hassle to deal with. Yapsody also provides you with the option of using local or country-specific payment gateways, giving you the freedom to cash in your sales,  quick and easy. 

Venue Management

Our team on the ground makes sure your event is successfully set up and done. From sound production and security to keeping track of ground maintenance and schedule, team Yapsody provides assistance to your guests and personnel in every way possible. 

All Bets Are Off? Try a Personalized And White Label Ticketing System 

The use of email or other software solutions might be sufficient to keep your casino service operations running at a basic level. The functionality and skills of a professional, holistic event management ticketing system are not even close to being comparable. And we mean by costs too! Check it out right here.  

The new class of event management aims to revolutionize future events of Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. And yours too! Our event ticketing and event management capabilities expedite every casino’s venue management, income generation, event branding, and customization.  

And let’s not forget our event marketing suit that is sure to bring that additional revenue in too!

Yapsody’s new venture with Prairie Knights now adds them to our esteemed clientele like the Sycuan Casino, Wotton Fireworks Display, and South Bay Film Society. There are many more. The list is just way too long to add here.

You could be a part of these top-performing businesses too! Don’t be shy, come join us and see the difference for yourself!

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