5 Tips To Host An Exceptional Corporate Event

Yapsody Event Ticketing - 5 Expert Tips to Ace A Corporate Event
Yapsody Event Ticketing - 5 Expert Tips to Ace A Corporate Event

Planning a conference or a major networking event? We understand if you’re feeling a bit daunted by the thought of hosting an exceptional corporate event. When it comes to a black-tie, strictly formal kind of event, you can never have a single pen and paper out of place, right? No matter how detail-oriented your approach might be, there are chances of slip-ups. With Yapsody by your side, you can rest easily. Here are our 5 tips to host an exceptional corporate event.

1. Pre-Book Your Venues

When it comes to corporate events, it’s no surprise that the classiest, most posh venues are up for grabs. Keep a few options open in case you might have to change your event dates.

2. Maintain Exclusivity

Don’t fall into the trap for keeping your event open for all and spoil the experience for everyone else. Creating a Reserved Seating event is your best bet for maintaining exclusivity and having comfortable seating sections for those who are dressed in formal attire. You should also hold seats beforehand for all the sponsors and keynote speakers.

3. Use Group Discounts To Your Favour

Corporate events are a success when your esteemed guests can network with other people. Offering group discounts allows one of your guests to bring along many other like-minded individuals to your event. Not only will you sell out tickets faster but you’re also making much-needed networking to take place at your event.

4. Don’t Make Them Wait

Time is money for corporates and their business professionals. You should be up to date on your guest list and not beat around the bush during the event check-in process. If you’re offering VIP ticket prices you should also honor that by maintaining that level of ease and accessibility for your guest. Learn more about ticket scanning apps that make your life easier.

5. Follow Up With Them

The audience of your corporate events are niche and expect a certain level of professionalism and class. If you successfully facilitated that through your events, congratulations! But perhaps you did miss out on a few key elements, give them a choice to share their thoughts and feedback. Send them a thank you note and survey to help you gain important event insights.
We hope your next corporate event creates an impression with the head honchos and industry leaders. For those who aren’t using our event ticketing platform to sell conference tickets online, you can get started today!

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