7 Must-have Features in an Ticketing System

7 Must-have Features in an Ticketing System

The evolution of online ticketing system has been rapid over the past two decades. Originally introduced to replace spread-sheets, these systems today act as the backbone of many ticketing-based businesses and event businesses around the world. There are some “must-haves” that have emerged over a period of time that you should look out for while evaluating ticket selling websites in the market today.

1. Automation

This is an absolute must for any ticketing system. Automation can help you with many tasks, right from sending you regular reports to routing a ticket to a specific team member, it can ensure you are able to deliver a seamless experience to the end user.

2. Customizable ticket templates

The system should be able to offer you with a variety of ticket templates. They should also be easy to customize. This ensures the tickets do justice to your event’s theme and branding without requiring you to invest precious resources on creating them.

3. Easy interface

If a buyer decides to attend your event, they should be able to easily navigate through the interface and select their seats, make secure payment and get ticket confirmation. When you plan to sell event tickets using an online ticketing system, look for features such as graphical seat-selector, easy credit card checkout, multiple payment and ticket confirmation channels and the option of print-at-home tickets.

4. Customer experience

Buyers should have an overall pleasant customer experience if they are to consider engaging with your brand again. This is not limited to the event, but also the experience they have when interacting on your site and on your online ticketing system. Buyers appreciate a ticketing software that blends in with your own website and brand as it offers a more cohesive experience.

5. Data options

As a ticket seller, you should have the ability to review and analyse transactions-related data in an easy manner. You may want to review sales performance for each event and slice the data in many different ways. This could include cash versus credit card sales, discount impact, and sales per different price categories. The online ticketing system should be able to give you event-specific and sales-specific details. It should you also allow you to extract all the data to spreadsheets.

6. Ownership and Branding

The system should let you grow your business. It should provide you the ability to drive sales for your future events, expand your customer list, build your relationship with your customers and cultivate your overall reputation in the community. Therefore, it should offer not only access, but ownership of customer data. The system should allow you to export your customer data, and the system vendor must agree that that data is yours.

7. Consistency

System attributes such as ease of use and cosmetics that are consistent with your branding are essential. The ability to leverage social sites such as Facebook and Instagram is also vital. The system should give customers the ability to “Like” and “Share” your events on different platforms.

These features will not only drive sales but also help build your brand awareness.

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