7 Must-Have Features For Your Online Ticketing

7 Must-Have Features For Your Online Ticketing

The evolution of online event ticketing has been rapid over the past two decades. Originally introduced to replace spreadsheets, these platforms are the backbone of event organizers, hospitality venues, and event businesses around the world. 

There are some must-have features that have emerged over a period of time that you should look out for while evaluating your online event ticketing needs. 

Here Are The 7 Must-Have Features For Online Ticketing:

1. Automation

Automation is an absolute must for any ticketing system. A fully automated event ticketing system can help you streamline many tasks such as: 

  • Creating & managing multiple events on a single interface
  • Create multiple ticket types to hold sections or reserve tickets for your special guests, and VIPs
  • Help assign individual or team-level event responsibilities to every team member.
  • Provide maximum revenue generation possibilities through online payment integrations
  • Send regular event reports and event-related stats 
  • Deliver a seamless experience to the end-user.

2. Customizable Ticket Templates

By default, your online event ticketing platform should offer you ticket customization along with a variety of default ticket templates that suit your brand persona. This ensures the tickets do justice to your event’s theme and branding without requiring you to invest precious resources in creating them.

3. Easy Ticket Buying Interface

If a buyer decides on attending your event they should be able to:

  • Get all the information on your Online Ticket Store
  • Easily navigate through the booking interface and select their seats
  • Pay online through their choice of online payment gateway
  • Get a ticket confirmation within seconds.

4. Customer Experience

Your ticket buyers should have a pleasant customer experience if they are to consider engaging with your brand again. This is not limited to the event, but also the experience they have when interacting on your website and on your online ticketing system. Buyers appreciate ticketing software that blends in with your own website and brand as it offers a more cohesive experience. 

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5. Customer Support

To avoid those event day hassles like a pro, a 24/7 customer support unit is highly recommended for the successful planning, execution, and troubleshooting. Event management is a cumbersome task for many, however, with the right support team and expertise, you can push your event planning and execution in the right direction.

6. Data Reporting

As an event organizer, you need the functionality to review and analyze event transaction-related data in an easy to comprehend manner. You may want to review sales performance for each event and slice the data in many different ways. This could include cash versus credit card sales, discount impact, and sales per different price categories. The online ticketing system should be able to give you event-specific and sales-specific details. It should also allow you to extract all the data to spreadsheets.

7. Social Media & Branding

System attributes such as ease of use, social media sharing widgets, email integrations, and branding are essential for event marketing. The ability to leverage such external factors of event marketing and management will propel your event brand into stardom. 

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  • Branding & Customization: Online Ticket Store, Ticket Customization, Multi-Language Support, SEO for Events, Website Integrations, Email Marketing Integrations, Event Tracking & Analytics. 
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