5 Types Of Virtual Events To Bring People Together

virtual event
virtual event

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you and your communities are safely practicing social distancing. Now, it can be a depressing time for many to be stuck inside when they’d rather be out there enjoying a warm summer event. But being the creative lot that we are, humans have collectively stormed to the internet to bring joy to the world –  be it artists, musicians, actors, or live-act performers. As an event organizer, this is your time to take the virtual route for hosting your online events.

Here Are 5 Types of Virtual Events Ideas To Host Online in COVID-19

1. Webinars & Tutorials

Have something important to share with the world? Maybe get a keynote speaker on board to address your audience online or perhaps a health & wellness expert to shed light on staying mentally and physically balanced. You have plenty of online platforms to choose from and can host a weekly webinar to create your very own virtual webinar series.

2. Virtual Conferences

Are you one of those business professionals that had to cancel their very important business meeting or conference? We realize how much time and effort goes into planning one of those. What you simply do is change that upcoming event to an online event. If you’ve kept your eyes and ears glued to the internet, you already know how schools, colleges, and universities have shifted their conferencing online. It’s time to embrace virtual life and start planning your virtual conferences.

Remember, since it’s an online event you can cover a lot of ground by changing your upcoming event to a web event on Yapsody. 

3. Yoga & Wellness Sessions

In unprecedented times like these, people are truly feeling overwhelmed with a range of emotions to deal with COVID-19. As an event organizer, you can set up a daily meditative or wellness LIVE stream on your Instagram or Facebook LIVE.

Yoga & Wellness Sessions

This is the most cost-effective way of unifying people online to get physical activity while social distancing at their homes. This is also a strategic initiative for building long-term bonds with influencers who can elevate your event offerings in the virtual landscape. 

4. Live Music Sets & Performances

You must’ve seen how music has been influencing positivity all across the globe. Truly encapsulating the meaning of “Music Is The Universal Language” during these times. If you’ve had to cancel live music concerts or festivals, you can opt to reschedule them on our event ticketing platform.

Live Music

Get all the performers and musicians you had booked for an event to perform live music sets or performances through their event pages for increased visibility as well. This is one of the most successful and fool-proof ways of bringing people together for a good time. You can also take keep track of their comments in case they might have some requests and suggestions for your next virtual event. 

5. Talk Shows & Podcasts

Talk Shows & Podcasts
Chances are you already have an audience for podcasts as people like to learn something new or catch up with their weekly podcasts and talk shows. You can apply this logic and get onboard industry leaders and experts to shed light on what’s happening around the world – news, current affairs, updates, and debates to keep battling fake news that might be plaguing our digital landscape at the moment.  We hope your creative juices are peaking and you’re ready to take your virtual events online for the world.   Remember, with Yapsody you can choose to pass on your ticketing fees to your attendees and take advantage of our credit period to save your money during this critical phase. Sign up today and if you have any queries while setting up our online events, book a call with us. 

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