Sell Reserved Seating Event Tickets Online

Easily manage your seating chart, ticket inventory, pricing and holds for your event. With a single click, you can have an interactive seating chart for your reserved seating event and start selling tickets instantly. It does not stop here! Let ticket purchasers select their seats in a matter of seconds, and book tickets for your next concert, theater or any reserved seating event.

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1. Add Reserved Seat Sections

  • Add rows and columns to simulate your section
  • Add or auto-generate seat numbers
  • Add colors to seats to designate pricing tiers

2. Create Seating Maps

  • Upload a seating map image or create one real-time
  • Hotspot sections so users can click to select them
  • Add icons to designate special areas on the map

3. Create Holds

  • Create multiple hold categories (e.g., artist, VIP, etc.)
  • Assign desired seats to applicable hold categories

4. Go Live

  • Customers can select seats in your online store
  • Staff can select seats in your virtual box office

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